Police: Alleged victim made up story about knife-point robbery

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Report unravels under questioning by detective

By Bob White



ELIZABETHTOWN — When Elizabethtown Detective Pete Chytla took a dramatic robbery report Saturday morning, he described 21-year-old Nicole Quiggins, the alleged victim, as “traumatized” by the knife-at-the-throat crime she’d reported.

Chytla said Quiggins reported that “two black men” ambushed her around 9 a.m. as she was heading to her job at a check-cashing business. She told officers that the men stuck a knife to her throat, causing a tiny cut, and stole the morning startup money for the store.

“She deserves an Oscar if she is lying about it,” Chytla said after interviewing the woman.

Further investigation and questioning by EPD Detective Kelly Slone unraveled a different story Wednesday morning. Quiggins won’t be getting an award, but she may get jail time for her act.

Quiggins now faces a felony theft charge punishable by up to five years imprisonment and an additional 12 months if she is convicted of making up the story.

“We’ve still not recovered the (money),” Slone said.

Slone said others are under investigation for possible involvement.

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