Police on lookout for teenage vandals

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Resident contacted police with video from security cameras

By Carly Besser

After three unidentified vandals failed to break into a truck Saturday, they thought they could just give up and call it a night, but an Elizabethtown man caught the entire act on camera.

Ronnie Day, 66, set up security cameras around his residence on Stonemill Drive after he was the victim of an egging incident approximately one year ago. Now, he said he is frustrated to be a victim once again.

“I looked at the footage and it’s just frustrating to me,” Day said. “I was thinking, ‘why me, why me?’ because nobody else in the neighborhood has had this happen to them yet.”

The recording shows three young-looking white men pulling a security light out of Day’s yard and putting it on top of a fountain around 3:17 a.m. One of the men climbed on top of the white truck and attempted to enter through the sunroof. After making direct eye contact with the camera, the man jumped off the truck and left the premises with the other two suspects. There was no damage reported to the vehicle.

Day reported the incident to the Elizabethtown Police Department. Because there was no damage caused to the property or the vehicle, the suspects, if found, would be charged with criminal trespassing at most, police said.

Sgt. Tim Cleary, an EPD spokesman, said there have been signs of vandalism in other parts of Day’s neighborhood, including a mailbox pulled from the ground, a mailbox bumped out of place and a mailbox filled with grass.

“We’re currently looking for people in and around that area,” Cleary said.

Officers are describing the suspects as between the ages of 15 and 17 years old.

“If you look at the tape, they look like younger teenagers,” Cleary said. “I don’t think that 20-23 year olds are climbing up on peoples’ trucks in the middle of the night. School is out, so they’re out at later times. If people call, we can at least get a name on them.”

Even if the attempted break-in was a teenage prank, Day said he still wants to see justice served.

“Does (them being young) give them the right to do that to me?” Day said. “I have a right to live in this neighborhood.”

A retired U.S. Army veteran, Day suffers from bouts of post-traumatic stress disorder. He said incidents such as the egging and the recent attempted break-in make him paranoid and uneasy.

“I have PTSD really bad, so when stuff like this happens, it’s like I experience a setback,” Day said.

If you are suspicious of vandalism in your neighborhood, call the EPD non-emergency line at 270-765-4125.

Carly Besser can be reached at 270-505-1740 or cbesser@thenewsenterprise.com.