PREP TRACK: Elizabethtown boys first, girls second in region meet (05/10)

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By Nathaniel Bryan

BARDSTOWN — Storms were possible in the forecast for Thursday night’s Class 2-A, Region 2 Championship at Bardstown High School’s Garnis Martin Field.

Although the rain never fell, one reign did.

The South Warren Lady Spartans upended the Elizabethtown Lady Panthers, the reigning girls’ team champion, 154-130.

However, thanks to some solid throwing from senior Dalton Swank and some great leaping from senior one-year wonder Chas Jones, the Elizabethtown boys were able to defend their team title.

With four events to go, only 10 points separated the top three teams in the boys’ standings. South Warren had 97, Warren East 95 and Elizabethtown 87.

But that was before the high jump, long jump, discus and 1,600-meter relay were scored.

The Panthers picked up 10 points when Jones won the long jump with a leap of 19 feet, 5 inches and 18 more when Jones and junior Juirien Royal went 1-2 in the high jump, although both had 6-2 heights.

“Coach (Kevin) Strader had just told us that me and J.R. needed to go 1-2 in the high to give us a shot,” Jones said.

Swank’s win in the discus throw (144-08) and senior Austin Campbell’s fifth-place finish in the same event gave the Panthers 12 more points and Elizabethtown secured the title by finishing second and earning eight points in the final event of the night — the 1,600 relay.

A basketball player and the son of former NBA player Charles Jones, the younger Jones is in his only season on the track team.

He finished the night with a team-high 32 points with his three wins and running a leg of a second-place relay.

“I guess I’m a track star now,” Jones said with a laugh. “I just didn’t do it the first three years, but Coach (Bill) Larrington has been begging me to come out and jump for him for three years now.”

The Elizabethtown boys finished with 123 points to edge out runner-up South Warren (119) and third-place Warren East (111). The LaRue County Hawks were 10th with 10 points, getting a third-place finish from senior Jackson Venegas in the discus.

Swank had two top-two throwing finishes as he was the runner-up in the shot put at 43-06.

“Today was one of my better days,” Swank said. “I felt good when I warmed up and with it being the region, you have to perform well here just to get to State, so I knew what I had to do.”

What South Warren did to finally knock off the Lady Panthers was double up. The Lady Spartans had top-three finishes in 15-of-18 events, but had multiple points in 10-of-14 individual events.

“We came in wanting to do the best we can, but we got out of sorts there for a while,” said Elizabethtown senior Emily Richardson, who won the pole vault and was a member of the Lady Panthers’ second-place 3,200 relay.

Sophomore Darien Huff, competing on a bum ankle she injured earlier in the week playing basketball, swept the long jump and triple jump titles before finishing fourth in the high jump.

Junior Hannah Godfrey defended her 1,600 run title in 5:26.74, almost 8 seconds faster than her winning time last season.

Elizabethtown also got wins from freshmen Bailey Nall (200 dash, 26.77) and Claire Ratliff (800 run, 2:29.92).

The LaRue County girls were fifth with 32 points. One of the Lady Hawks’ highlights was freshman Nichole Thomas and senior Shaila Winston going 3-4 in the triple jumps.

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BARDSTOWN — Results from Thursday’s Class 2-A, Region 2 Championship at Bardstown High School’s Garnis Martin Field:


Girls (12 Teams)                               Points

  2. Elizabethtown (E)                            130

  5. LaRue County (LC)                           32

Boys (13 Teams)                              Points

  1. Elizabethtown (E)                            123

10. LaRue County (LC)                            10


Girls’ 100-Meter Dash

  8. Jordan Nuccitelli (E)                      14.01

14. Michaela Brangers (E)                   15.00

18. Cindy Martinez (LC)                       15.52

XX. Logan Grant (LC)                           DNS

Girls’ 200-Meter Dash

  1. Bailey Nall (E)                              26.77

  5. Jordan Nuccitelli (E)                      28.82

  9. Courtni Price (LC)                         29.73

10. Destinee Young (LC)                     29.74

Girls’ 400-Meter Dash

  8. Rachel Warden (E)                     1:09.98

17. Audrey Stinnett (E)                     1:15.97

20. Hannah Harry (LC)                     1:18.21

24. Abby French (LC)                        1:23.60

Girls’ 800-Meter Run

  1. Claire Ratliff (E)                         2:29.92

  7. Anne-Elizabeth Mason (E)            2:43.56

15. Abby French (LC)                        3:10.93

16. Chantel Bonanno (LC)                3:11.64

Girls’ 1,600-Meter Run

  1. Hannah Godfrey (E)                    5:26.74

  4. Kristina Durbin (LC)                   5:47.66

10. Lauren Miller (E)                        6:53.33

11. Chantel Bonanno (LC)                7:29.44

Girls’ 3,200-Meter Run

3. Savannah Kingery (E)                 12:55.82

Girls’ 100-Meter Hurdles

  2. Taylor Kuklinski (E)                       18.95

XX. Delaina White (LC)                          DNS

XX. Bethany Akin (LC)                          DNS

Girls’ 300-Meter Hurdles

5. Taylor Kuklinski (E)                         53.84

6. Celia Cusick (E)                             57.34

XX. Delaina White (LC)                          DNS

Girls’ 400-Meter Relay

  2. Elizabethtown                              52.92

Jordyn Patterson                  Jordan Nuccitelli

Madison Smith                   Emily Richardson

  7. LaRue County                              56.62

Destinee Young                     Shaila Winston

Courtni Price                           Kylah Massie

Girls’ 800-Meter Relay

  2. Elizabethtown                            1:52.50

Rebecca Snyder                   Jordan Nuccitelli

Madison Smith                            Bailey Nall

  5. LaRue County                           2:00.66

Kylah Massie                           Courtni Price

Shaila Winston                     Destinee Young

Girls’ 1,600-Meter Relay

  1. Elizabethtown                            4:21.80

Claire Ratliff                        Hannah Godfrey

Madison Smith                   Emily Richardson

  3. LaRue County                           4:25.94

Amanda Brewer                     Kristina Durbin

Nichole Thomas                     Natalie Mullins

Girls’ 3,200-Meter Relay

  2. Elizabethtown                          10:24.90

Savannah Kingery                  Rachel Warden

Emily Richardson                  Hannah Godfrey

  4. LaRue County                         10:49.18

Amanda Brewer                     Kristina Durbin

Natalie Mullins                     Nichole Thomas

Girls’ High Jump

  4. Darien Huff (E)                          4-02.00

  4. Molly Sherrard (E)                      4-02.00

XX. Misha Jakes (LC)                           DNS

Girls’ Long Jump

  1. Darien Huff (E)                         15-03.50

  8. Anne Lunsford (E)                    12-07.00

12. AnnClaire Gribbins (LC)              11-09.00

15. Kylah Massie (LC)                    11-04.00

Girls’ Triple Jump

  1. Darien Huff (E)                         32-04.00

  3. Nichole Thomas (LC)                 30-01.50

  4. Shaila Winston (LC)                  29-06.00

  6. Claire Ratliff (E)                       28-05.50

Girls’ Shot Put

  5. Ngozi Akukwe (E)                     26-01.00

  7. Gabrielle Collins (E)                  25-03.00

11. Harley Keller (LC)                     23-04.00

15. Sheridan Meyers (LC)                21-03.00

Girls’ Discus Throw

  2. Jordyn Patterson (E)                      88-05

  7. Sheridan Meyers (LC)                    70-06

15. Anna Hargan (E)                           52-00

XX. Mary Adams (LC)                            DNS

Girls’ Pole Vault

  1. Emily Richardson (E)                   8-06.00

Boys’ 100-Meter Dash

  4. Josh Williams (E)                          11.67

  6. Daniel Elder (E)                            11.84

15. DeMontrel Trumbo (LC)                  12.44

17. Austin Parrish (LC)                        12.49

Boys’ 200-Meter Dash

  8. Daniel Elder (E)                            24.25

10. Jacari Brown (E)                           24.77

14. Austin Parrish (LC)                        25.16

XX. Tyree Jones (LC)                            DNS

Boys’ 400-Meter Dash

  7. Randy Young (LC)                        54.58

  9. John Selorio (E)                           56.22

10. Tyree Jones (LC)                          56.88

16. Charles McCombs (E)                 1:00.28

Boys’ 800-Meter Run

  4. Chas Warden (E)                       2:06.35

  7. Evan McKinley (E)                      2:18.30

17. Michael Geffre (LC)                    2:31.94

XX. Hunter Thomas (LC)                       DNS

Boys’ 1,600-Meter Run

  4. Chas Warden (E)                       4:49.79

14. Griffin Davis (E)                         5:27.01

17. Dylan Goodin (LC)                      5:35.38

20. Jacob Cecil (LC)                         5:51.30

Boys’ 3,200-Meter Run

  7. Dylan Goodin (LC)                    12:01.05

11. Jacob Cecil (LC)                       12:38.03

Boys’ 110-Meter Hurdles

  1. James Washington (E)                   15.50

Boys’ 300-Meter Hurdles

  2. James Washington (E)                   42.50

Boys’ 400-Meter Relay

  2. Elizabethtown                              45.30

Daniel Elder                          Tyler Brashear

Jacari Brown                           Josh Williams

XX. LaRue County                                  DQ

Austin Parrish                   DeMontrel Trumbo

Josef Martin                           Hunter Griffin

Boys’ 800-Meter Relay

  2. Elizabethtown                            1:33.96

Tyler Brashear                          Daniel Elder

Josh Williams                   James Washington

  5. LaRue County                           1:37.25

Randy Young                          Austin Parrish

Tyree Jones                     DeMontrel Trumbo

Boys’ 1,600-Meter Relay

  2. Elizabethtown                            3:39.45

Josh Williams                            Chas Jones

Nathan Cleary                          Juirien Royal

  5. LaRue County                           3:44.76

Randy Young                            Tyree Jones

DeMontrel Trumbo                   Austin Parrish

Boys’ 3,200-Meter Relay

  3. Elizabethtown                            9:02.46

Chas Warden                         Nathan Cleary

Charles McCombs                   Evan McKinley

Boys’ High Jump

  1. Chas Jones (E)                          6-02.00

  2. Juirien Royal (E)                         6-02.00

Boys’ Long Jump

  1. Chas Jones (E)                        19-05.00

  7. Nathan Cleary (E)                     17-00.00

  9. Trevor Wallace (LC)                   16-05.00

10. Randy Young (LC)                     16-03.00

Boys’ Triple Jump

  1. Chas Jones (E)                        41-01.50

  7. Trevon Marshall (E)                   36-01.00

Boys’ Shot Put

  2. Dalton Swank (E)                     43-06.00

  5. Austin Campbell (E)                  39-10.00

  8. DaMarcus McCray (LC)              36-08.00

  9. Jackson Venegas (LC)              36-07.50

Boys’ Discus Throw

  1. Dalton Swank (E)                        144-08

  3. Jackson Venegas (LC)                 112-09

  5. Austin Campbell (E)                     108-06

11. DaMarcus McCray (LC)                   98-06

Boys’ Pole Vault

  5. Seth Anderson (E)                      8-06.00

  7. Mikey Doolittle (E)                      7-00.00