Preschoolers jingle all the way to Huddleston House

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New Highland students sing holiday carols for elderly

By Kelly Cantrall

Local preschool students came a’caroling this week at Huddleston House, and while they might have gotten a little lost in some of the verses, it was clear the residents enjoyed every note.


Preschool students at New Highland Elementary School visited the Huddleston House in Elizabethtown on Monday to sing Christmas carols to residents. The students have made the trip to the public housing facility for a few years to spread holiday cheer.

Preschool teacher Joan Hill contacted Margaret Peake, executive director of Huddleston House, about visiting the house several years ago.

“We’ve enjoyed them every year,” Peake said.

The students started things off with a rendition of “Jingle Bells” that came complete with bells the children jangled throughout the song. They continued with “Must Be Santa” and closed with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Peake said she believes the visit completes the season for senior citizens who live in Huddleston House.

“Oh I think it’s wonderful for the elderly,” Peake said. “I think it’s a great thing for them to get to see (the children). It really adds to their Christmas.”

Preschool assistant Sherri Neese said the students begin practicing carols after Thanksgiving.

“I think they understand they’re giving back to the public,” Neese said.

After their performance, the preschoolers stayed to enjoy tree-shaped snack cakes with the residents, including Mayme Bennett.

“I just like to watch them sing,” Bennett said. “They’re so cute. I love little kids.”

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