Proffitt to seek second term as Vine Grove mayor

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By Gina Clear

Vine Grove Mayor Blake Proffitt keeps a section of 2-inch galvanized water main in his office as a reminder of work yet to be done.

The pipe is rusted and has holes peppered through it. It is just one of such mains in Vine Grove’s water infrastructure waiting to be replaced this year.

When Proffitt was considering a run for re-election, he took his family, Vine Grove residents  and the pipe into consideration. Proffitt filed Friday to seek a second term as mayor.

“You look at that (pipe) and know why we’re working this thing so hard,” he said. “I want to finish what we started. The infrastructure is getting there, but I want to follow all these projects through.”

Besides the water main project, Proffitt’s first term has been spent administering grants for other infrastructure projects for sewer and storm water.

“It’s a monumental task to help the generations to come,” Proffitt said. “It’s going to be so, so much better off.”

Proffitt said encouragement from residents through phone calls, text messages and emails also helped sway his decision.

“They want me to continue what we’ve started,” he said about the correspondence. “They’re thanking me for what we started. It’s all very, very flattering.”

Proffitt will face long-time councilman Garry McCoy in the general election in November if no other challengers file before Tuesday’s deadline, but Proffitt said it was not about who was running, but what the future may hold.

“This election is not about anybody,” he said. “It’s about what we’ve done and what we plan to do.”

McCoy said as a seasoned councilman, he’s “been down the campaign trail before” and he thinks both candidates “want what’s best for the city.”

“All anyone can promise is to do your best, to be fair, to be honest and to take the time to talk to our citizens,” McCoy said. “I’ve always tried to do that. I’m not going to change any.”

Proffitt looks forward to running a “clean campaign” and is grateful to residents for his first term as mayor.

“I’ve been blessed they’ve put me in once,” he said. “I’ll be blessed to finish the job.”

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