Property Transfers

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Feb. 8, 2013

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

Dana G. and Laura L. Cooper to Gregory G. and donna M. Rovinski, 411 Canary Drive, Elizabethtown, $325,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Deron Berthold, 513 Henry St., Elizabethtown, $27,000.

John E. and Norma E. McGhee to Luis A. Jr. and Jennifer F. Pagan, 670 Flushing Meadow Drive, Rineyville, $183,500.

Betty Jo Brown to Donald G. and Jacque Cottrell, 520 Bewley Boulevard, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $65,000.

Kim and Stephanie Blessitt to Alyssa Blessitt, 11585 Flint Hill Road, Sonora, $6,000.

Regions Bank to Mark N. Dierks, 421 W. Main St., Vine Grove, $37,334.

James B. and Mary E. Mehl to Kristopher R. Sutherland, 224 Leatherwood Court, Sonora, $95,000.

William and Lisa Goforth to Robert E. and Yuko T. Barnes, lot 2 Whispering Hills Subdivision, county, $58,500.

Hardin Investment Group LLC to Gaffney Custom Homes LLC, lot 132 Highland Springs Subdivision, county, $40,000.

Albert Jr. and Joyce Emerson to Lucas C. Emerson, 6996 Valley Creek Road, Elizabethtown, $104,000.

Phillips Homes LLC to Gerald I. and Joanne B. Sims, 725 Timber Lane, Elizabethtown, $389,000.

Tim L. and Teresa D. Aulbach to Henry and Louise Lewis, 518 Greencrest Drive, Cecilia, $209,000.

B&M Development LLC to Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Highways, property in Hardin County, $137,500.

Jean Dailey to Debbie Wimsatt and Christopher Goins, 712 Hawkins Drive, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $32,200.

Ronald D. and Cathleen W. Skidmore to RAC Closing Services LLC, 108 Overall Phillips Road, Elizabethtown, $299,500.

Arnold and Kay Fulmer to Jesse Scott and Monica Kisselbaugh, 217 Beasley Blvd., Elizabethtown, $145,000.

Jeremy S. and Carey A. Aldridge to Robert A. Stein Jr., 410 Round Top Road, Elizabethtown, $260,000.

Jeremy S. and Carey A. Aldridge to Robert A. Stein Jr., lot 50 Ridgecreek Estates Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $525,000.

Curtis and Nancy Willoughby to Carla Breeding, property in Hardin County, $157,000.

Estate of Michael Henry Edlin to Michael Todd and Teresa L. Edlin, 185 Edlin Lane, Elizabethtown, $250,000.

Philip D. and Deborah LaRue to Thomas R. and Janet L. Steller, 520 Roundtop Road, Elizabethtown, $259,000.

Christie A. Cox to Stephen Likins, lot 53 Helmwood Homesites Subdivision, county, $85,000.

Roger and Dana Ryan to Justin and Natasha Williams, 2431 Wooldridge Ferry Road, Elizabethtown, $188,000.

The Ida B. Cowley Living Trust to William H. Tomes, property on Gaither Station Road, Elizabethtown, $30,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Matthew and Sonya Pitz, 146 Penbrooke Drive, Elizabethtown, $163,192.

West Point Inc. to John K. Goodman, Tuyen Goodman and My Nguyen, 336 N. St., Radcliff, $70,000.

Jesse and Marie Kilgus to Janet Fay and Lester Eugene Hack, 464 Wise Lane, Elizabethtown, $130,000.

Lucian Y. II and Phyliss A. Moreman to Robert Benjamin and Laura Crawford Larue, 504 Derek Ave., Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $510,000.

Henry and Louise Lewis to Tim and Teresa Aulbach, 269 Pierce Mill Road, Big Clifty, $306,500.

Estate of Sandra L. Harrison to Cassandra J. Scott, 508 Independence Court, Radcliff, $44,900.

Julia E. Chlebowski to Leon Chlebowski, 230 Ash Lane, Elizabethtown, $1. FMV: $4,500.

BCC Enterprises and Properties Inc. to Darrell and Jacquelyn Karnjanapanang, 470 Black Ravens Court, Elizabethtown, $274,850.

Andrew and Amy Thomas to Marian Ruth Ray, 432 Morningside Drive, Elizabethtown, $88,000.

Magnolia Bank Inc. to Stone Mark Enterprises LLC, 2610 Stonemill Drive, Elizabethtown, $194,250.

Sarah Pearl Underwood to Patrick V. O’Donnell, 789 S. Atcher St., Radcliff, $114,000.

Amy M. Perkins to Robert Horsley, 612 Princeton Drive, Elizabethtown, $176,000.

Danny Ray Fannin and Kelly W. and John D. Roberts to Roger N. and Dana E. Ryan, 651 Wooldridge Ferry Road, Elizabethtown, $320,000.

David R. Jones to David A. and Stacy R. Huddle, 414 University Drive, Radcliff, $99,000.