Property Transfers

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March 8, 2013

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

Brian E. and Tiffany C. Grace to Grace Properties & Development LLC, lot 31 St. John’s Pointe, county, no monetary consideration. FMV: $90,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Amanda Cook, 5551 S. Dixie Highway, Glendale, $27,900.

Mary M. Wright to Maviael Sampaio, lot 31 Grandview Subdivision, county, $72,000.

The Home Place of Kentucky LLC to Michael Brantingham, 500 Covington Ridge, Elizabethtown, $29,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Walter Eric and Stephanie Brown, 540 Hollow Bridge Lane, Elizabethtown, $72,000.

ACX Properties LLC to Jerren M. and Jamie M. Morning, 143 Maple Lane, Elizabethtown, $119,000.

Tamara S. Schlabach to David A. II and Jennifer L. Kearns, 1933 Lakewood Drive, Elizabethtown, $194,000.

Dale and Melinda Garrett to Michael S. and Hannah M. Garrett, property in Hardin County, $74,500.

Danny Lee Miller to the Estate of Norma J. Miller and Timothy L. and Cristina T. Brandenburg, lot 22 Morningside Manor Subdivision, county, $282,000.

Joseph D. and Betty Faye Cecil to Darrell L. and Gwendolyn M. Rogers, 127 Piedmont Drive E., Vine Grove, $214,500.

H&M Dreambuilders LLC to Stephen E. Jones, 265 Standing Oak Drive, Elizabethtown, $118,250.

Marjorie and Brad Humphreys to Frank and Margie Pittman, 2602 Stonemill Drive, Elizabethtown, $200,000.

Pegg Bryant to Maviael Sampaio, lot 118 Grandview Subdivision, county, $62,000.

Michael G. and Anne L. Pyles to M. Anita Keplinger, 119 Peachtree St., Elizabethtown, $160,000.

Charles Bradley and Sara Mills to Hardin Memorial Hospital, 206 Cardinal Drive, Elizabethtown, $87,000.

Charles Bradley and Sara Mills to Hardin Memorial Hospital, 208 Cardinal Drive, Elizabethtown, $108,000.

Randall Clauson to Lauren Howard, lot 21 Highland Subdivision, county, $70,900.

WGE LLC to Heartland Homes Inc., 92 Grace Court, Rineyville, $33,500.

Ky. Auctioneers Inc. to Trambor LLC, lot 7 Santa Fe Subdivision, county, $24,500.

Nadeene Stiles to Jason L. Johnston, 114 Doris Court, Elizabethtown, $315,000.

Donald W. and Lois Pierce to Phillips Homes LLC, lot 13 Kerrwood Drive, Elizabethtown, $25,000.

The Estate of Richard S. Bart to Doris M. and Donald Morrs, lot 24 Ben’s Acres Subdivision, county, $14,200.

Fred Lee and Marina Lee to Kariumu Kpana Quamoh, 504 Independence Court, Radcliff, $60,000.

B.R. and Linda Hunt, Ben and Erica Covell, Andrew and Stephanie Nall, Jonathan David Jr. and Heather Miller and Donna Norton  to Kingdom of Heaven Ministries International, property on Main Street, Cecilia, no monetary consideration. FMV: $22,000.

David Scott and Yamile R. Walker to John O. and Cecilia A. Brownell, 211 Deerfield Hills Road, Elizabethtown, $324,900.

Myers-Pence Properties & Construction LLC to Chad Dudley, 51 Buena Vista Court, Elizabethtown, $215,000.

Flora Mattingly to El Rodeo II LLC, 1105 N. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $625,000.

The Phillip P. Edlin Revocable Trust to Phillip P. Edlin, property on HIllcreek Drive, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $122,000.

William L. and Patricia L. Fitzgerald to Stuart M. and Laura Snyder, 624 Foxfire Road, Elizabethtown, $220,000.

ArlingtonParkPartners LLC to William L. and Patricia L. Fitzgerald, 193 A. Arlingwood Court, Elizabethtown, $189,000.

Norman and Joan Compton to Maviael Sampaio, lot 270 Grandview Subdivision, county, $70,000.

Willie Harden and  Maria Vanterpool-Hardento Michael and Anne Pyles, lot 14 Freeman Creek Estates, county, $337,000.

Will Harris Homes LLC to Max Edward and JoAnna Misner, lot 128 Four Seasons Estates, county, $325,000.

James C. Hilliard to Marty S. Thompson, 1154 Oak St., Elizabethtown, $200,000.

Joshua and Kelley A. Conner to Maxie W. Hart, 1142 Lorien Court, Elizabethtown, $152,250.

Rita and D.R. Miller to Kenny and Pamela P. Copelin, property in Hardin County, $75,000.

Barabara A. Mills to Charles Bradley Mills, 114 Pawnee Drive, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $145,000.

David E. Jr. and Linda Jones and Donna Faye Jones to David E. Sr. and Joyce Jones, property in Hardin County, love and affection. FMV: $68,400.  

Michael R. and Andrea M. McWright to The colonel’s Retreat LLC, property in Hardin County, no monetary consideration. FMV: $300,000.

WGE LLC to Radcliff Homes Inc., 64 Grace Court, Rineyville, $33,500.

Anthony Joseph and Linda Gray to Gary Lee Grimes, 84 Wonderland Cavern Road, Cecilia, $40,000.

Douglas Allen and Tammy Prindle to James A. and Angela L. Osborne, 557 Congress Drive, Radcliff, $8,000.

Estate of Norman S. Copp to Gold Crest LLC, property on Church Street, Vine Grove, $52,000.

Marty and Cathy Claycomb to KentuckyLand Holdings of Radcliff LLC, property in Springfield Meadows, county, $1. FMV: $33,600.

Marty and Cathy Claycomb to Kentucky Land Holdings of Radcliff LLC, property in Springfield Meadows, county, $1. FMV: $2,800.

Mickey and Cathy Stinnett to Rebecca Gary, property in Hardin County, $155,000.

Marty and Cathy Claycomb to Kentucky Land Holdings of Radcliff LLC, property in Hardin County, $1. FMV: $8,000.

Terry W. and Barbara A. Spillman to Andrew W. and Katherine S. Yonce, 103 Scotts Drive, Elizabethtown, $196,000.

The Cecilian Bank to Third Generation Enterprises LLC, property in Hardin County, $25,000.

Sasha L. and Darren Radford to Scott J. and Ashley M. Purcell, 313 Nicholas Ridge Drive, Elizabethtown, $184,000.

G&P Construction Co. Inc. to Jarrod Don and Mary E. Norton, 234 Riley Way, Elizabethtown, $219,950.

St. James Catholic Church to Phillips Homes LLC, lot 36 Devonshire Court, Glendale, $47,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Kevin and Donna Skaggs, 3898 Woolridge Ferry Road, Elizabethtown, $68,000.

Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to E-town Homes Inc., 213 Riley Way, Elizabethtown, $35,000.

Estate of Shirley M. Langley to Billy Wayne and Betty Sue Farmer, lot 1 Limp Road, Big Clifty, no monetary consideration. FMV: $7,575.92.