Property Transfers

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June 28, 2013

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark E. Firth, 508 Rogersville Road, Radcliff, $28,100.

Michael G. and Annette C. West to Keila R. Davis, 136 Shepherds Way, Rineyville, $282,000.

Estate of Neal Corine Tarter to Roger and Patsy Mink, 1274 Ford Highway, Elizabethtown, $190,300.

Estate of Evelyn Thomas to Jason French, 5510 St. John Road, Elizabethtown, $110,000.

Norman and Gloria Rock to John and Emily Humphries, 702 Spruce Lane, Elizabethtown, $249,000.

Estate of Joann Skees Thomas to Charles G. Jr. and Karen Cline, lots 8-11 Fred Burns Road, Rineyville, $143,100.

Gregory W. and Robin K. Cecil to Erica R. and Adam J. Bell, 129 Ireland School Road, Radcliff, $178,500.

Zane G. Winters to Marla Greene and Scotty C. Cox and Christopher and Andrea Greene, 3465 Bardstown Road, Elizabethtown, $115,000.

William J. II and Rebecca S. Urbancik to Paul M. and Marian E. Tibbits, 970 Long Hollow Road, Rineyville, $22,500.

Beverly K. Flavell to David and Claire Whitlock, 721 Spruce Lane, Elizabethtown, $216,000.

Edwin and Marylyn Cecil to Ed Cecil Construction Inc., property in McCracken Hill Subdivision, county, no monetary consideration. FMV: $42,000.

Francis Walker Jr. and Paula Jo Thomas to Tim L. and Teresa D. Aulbach, 8391 Sonora Hardin Springs Road, Glendale, $360,000.

Citizens Union Bank to W. Douglas and Donna K. Reed, property on Johnson Lane and Sonora Hardin Springs Road, Eastview, $5,280.

Bank of America to Bluebird Investment Group LLC, 108 Norwood Drive, Elizabethtown, $32,500.

Steven H. Bush to Michael G. and Annette West, lot 23 Bella Woods Subdivision, county, $40,000.

Timothy E. and Lynn A. Wiggins to Jeffrey D. and Patricia K. Godbey, 424 Silk Oak Drive, Elizabethtown, $200,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dodd L. Caudill, 370 Wildwood Drive, Elizabethtown, $40,300.

Estate of Donald C. Marshall to Timothy L. Ford, 205 State St., Elizabethtown, $40,150.

Ibrahim A. and Fadwa Sulleman to Ahmad and Naderah Banihani, 505 N. Mulberry St., Elizabethtown, $128,000.

West Point Bank to Tracey Johnson, 30 Goldenrod Drive, Elizabethtown, $57,000.

Andyce Properties LLC to Thomas James Owen, 406 Kentucky Drive, Elizabethtown, $57,000.

Adam F. and Megan E. DiGiovanni to Michael Kim, 365 Vineland Place Drive, Vine Grove, $245,000.