Property Transfers

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Jan. 17, 2014

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

The Farmers Bank to Donna M. and Joshua R. Terry, property in White Mills, $75,224.

Double L Properties LLC to Leslie Adam Shader, property in Hardin County, $105,000.

Linda C. and Raymond F. Schulten Sr. to Tina Conder, lot 14 Ambrook Estates, county, $148,500.

Douglas A. and Margann T. Boyles to Earl Randall Jr. and Stacie Smiley, lot 58 Osborne Trace Estates, county, $280,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Carolyn Jones-Gusler, lot 112 Airview Estates Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $53,550.

Roy E. and Joyce J. Gardner to James and Melissa Jenkins, lot 2 Cole Lane North, Elizabethtown, $17,380.

Michael and Delores Gudenkauf to Dan L. and Janice K. Tyree, 301 Valley View Drive, Radcliff, $119,900.

James C. and Melissa R. Jenkins to Glenn S. and Sandra G. Turner, property off Patriot Parkway, Elizabethtown, $1. FMV: $100.

Glenn S. and Sandra G. Turner to James C. and Melissa R. Jenkins, lot 12 Berkshire Ave., Rineyville, $16,000.

Marie E. Turner to Glenn S. and Sandra G. Turner, property on Highway 220 and Highway 1600, county, love and affection.

Glenn S. and Sandra G. Turner to Dennis L. and Mary E. Parrett, property on Highway 220 and highway 1600, county, $133,826.

Glenn S. and Sandra G. Turner to James C. and Melissa R. Jenkins, lot 2 Monroe Subdivision, county, $46,174.

Charles J. Jr. and Connie S. McCreary to Bruce S. and Shelly J. Ford, property in Harry G. Geoghegan Subdivision, county, $4,500.

Lawrence Wilkerson to Jacoby’s Property Management LLC, 2826 Frontier Court, Radcliff, no monetary consideration. FMV: $88,000.

James F. and Sudie M. Wilson to James F. Wilson Sr. and Sudie Mae Wilson Irrevocable Trust, 558 Pearman Ave., Radcliff, love and affection. FMV: $91,200.

Jim Webster Enterprises LLC to Alicia Washington and Willy A. Herrera, lot 39 Colonial Heights Subdivision, county, $45,000.

Angela K. and Jonathan R. Fairbanks to Jedidiah L. and Brandi M. Abshear, 83 Bradley Trail, Elizabethtown, $127,900.

Frances Carr to Roger and Jo Ann Fries, 8541 Sonora Hardin Springs Road, Glendale, love and affection. FMV: $23,600.

Jonathan Boyd and Bethany Ott to Sherri L. Bunch, 23 Alamo Court, Elizabethtown, $220,000.

Accent Homes Inc. to Robert Lee Joseph Jr., 652 Roswell Drive, Elizabethtown, $337,424.68.

Patricia J. and Lesley C. Hester to Roger Weiss and Roxanne Faison, 231 Cedar Creek Drive, Elizabethtown, $10,000.

ARSUI Properties LLC to Rashida A. Yazdani, lot 6 Dixie Land Subdivision, county, no monetary consideration. FMV: $90,200.

Rashida A. and Aijaz A. Yazdani to Rashida A. Yazdani Living Trust, lot 6 Dixie Land Subdivision, no monetary consideration. FMV: $90,200.

Catherine C. Golden to Marlene C. Broderick, lot 12 Arbor View Subdivision, county, $217,900.

Chris and Jennifer E. Lohden to Benjarmine L. and Tiffany Snodgrass, lot 16 Ruth Estates Subdivision, county, $360,000.

William Dale Miller to Michael V. and Mary Miller Jaggers, lot 2 and 3 Flint Hill Road, Snora, $150,000.

Andrew G. and Laura Dawn Greenwell to David L. and Karla J. Harness, lot 15 Myers Lane, Elizabethtown, $40,000.

Magnet Properties LLC to BAC Holdings LLC, 1201 and 1203 N. Dixie Highway, Elizabethtown, $2,787,500.

Kimberly S. Tully to Caitlin and Sandor Szabo, 316 Helm St., Elizabethtown, $82,400.

Jeffrey T. Hammond to Donald R. and Patricia M. Hammond, lot 6 Borum Subdivision, county, $14,000.

Adrian and Radine Ray to John and Chong Mason, lot 17 Chinoe Hills Subdivision, Radcliff, $54,000.

Mitchell Dean and Karen S. Taylor to Kerry D. Crudup, lot 70 Beckley Woods Subdivision, county, $345,000.