Property transfers

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Published Aug. 1, 2014

The following property transfers are listed on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

Kacy Bell-Estep and Walter Estep to Bethy S. Garner and Jack W. Garner Jr., 604 Princeton Drive, Elizabethtown, $123,000.

Lloyd and Elena C. Bradley to James D. and Mary E. Ernspiker, 524 Ash Lane, Elizabethtown, $6,000.

Stephen R. Hornback to Stephen R. Hornback and Courtney Cook, property at Thomas Hornback Road and Ky. 1868 near Sonora and Lot 1, Coyote Run Subdivision, no monetary consideration. FMV: $74,500.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to CitiMortgage Inc., 107 Monroe St., Radcliff, $89,900.

Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to Big E Inc., 700 Clear Spring Court, Elizabethtown, $30,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America, N.A., 430 Spring Meadow Drive, Radcliff, nominal consideration. FMV: $40,000.

Eugene Boyd Sr. and Evelyn G. Boyd to Charles David Mefford and Phillis Virginia Mefford, 14604 Leitchfield Road, Cecilia, $180,000.

Stephen T. Schmidt Jr. and Barbara A. Schmidt to Wilburn R. and Kathleen Sisco, 1.17 acres on South Boundary Road, Radcliff, $55,000.

Kelly and Gilbert D. Ingram to Sharon Aaron and Arto Aaron III, Lots 16 and 17, Section II, Coffey Grounds Subdivision, $21,500.

Master Commissioner to First Federal Savings Bank of Elizabethtown Inc., 512 Highland Ave., Vine Grove, $35,175.

Gerald L. Garlisch to Danny Bagniefski, 262 Noelle Court, Elizabethtown, $129,400.

Marilyn Nelson Smith to Catherine L. McMillen, 412 Ridgecrest Road, Elizabethtown, $160,000.

Kimberly Horn and Ruby Ray to Ricky L. and Brittany M. Padgett, 320 Helm St., Elizabethtown, $90,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Patricia Stoess, 2861 Liberty St., Radcliff, $97,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Juwana McCarthy, 707 Brian Court, Radcliff, $54,000.

Paducah and Louisville Railway Inc. to Jerry and Karen Rizer, 0.162 acres off U.S. 62, Elizabethtown, $14,084.

Mark Adam and Nicole Melloan to Lannie D. and Judy A. Overton, 45 E. Mossy Creek Court, Elizabethtown, $234,900.

Anthony and Cindy Craig to Timothy S. and Jorga L. Greenwell, Block 2, Lots 27 and 28, Liberty Park Addition, Elizabethtown, $109,000.

Dwight A. Eversole to Justin Wolford, 206 Otter Creek Road, Vine Grove, $51,000.

Christopher J. and Maria Walker to Jose L. Resto Vargas and Lisette Damary Santos Rodriguez, 71 Galahad Court, Rineyville, $163,000.

Brandon Alan and Leia E. Jones to Jeffery and Nancy Everman, Lot 22, Section 2, Stoneybrook Subdivision, $139,500.

Alicia M. Pinkham to John L. and Marilyn E. Dennis, 1017 Driftwood Lane, Elizabethtown, $580,000.

Malisa H. Wiley to Amber D. Hill, Lot 137, Section 7, Federal Estates, Elizabethtown, $112,700.

Richard S. and Shelli Waters to Rickey R. and Maria M. Garcia, 1300 N. Logsdon Parkway, Radcliff, $167,500.

Rigdon LLC to Green Enterprises of KY LLC, property on Bacon Creek Road, $1 and other consideration. FMV: $16,000.

Jeremy and April Ogletree to Jennifer Vernon, 5728 Constantine Road, Cecilia, $61,000.

Frederick R. and Barbara J. Sisk to Edith M. Aulbach and Rebecca E. Aulbach, 131 Columbus Drive, Elizabethtown, $255,000.

Gregory O. and Linda Crew to David and Beverly Strong, 126 Lombardy Drive, Cecilia, $192,500.

Junior and Pamela Mink to Lois F. Boling, property on U.S. 62, Elizabethtown, $125,500.

Ruth Falk Redel to Charles Allen Wilson and Charles Allen Wilson II and Sondra D. Wilson, 214 Michelle Ave., Elizabethtown, $131, 450.

Ronald J. and Angela D. McCray to Michael J. and Alisha R. Jensen, 64 Stirrup Court, Rineyville, $187,000.

Robyn Embry to Loy Brashear and Ricky Ray Brashear, Lot 32, Section 1, Stone Creek Estates Subdivision, $55,000.

Robert and Claudine Thackery to Joseph W. Prather, Lot 22A, Section 2, Wexford Place, Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $92,500.

Bank of America, N.A., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 198 Pinewood Drive, Radcliff. FMV: $46,667.

Dana Gerard Eisenman and Christy Marie Eisenman to Christopher C. Dunham Sr. and Kimberly Dunham, 143 Sarah Court, Rineyville, $205,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to JP Morgan Chase, N.A., 551 Brown St., Radcliff. FMV: $48,000.

Andrew S. and Krissa B. Gray to Greg S. and Louvinia Thomas, 62 Badger Court, Rineyville, $205,000.

Kenneth B. and Phyllis C. Simon to Kimberly D. Lewis, Section 2, Lot 67, Heatherfield Estates, $103,500.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Donald W. and Lori L. Smith, 498 Boulder Drive, Elizabethtown, $144,100.

David R. and Vicki Morrison to Jason C. Fulkerson, 50 acres off Red Mill Road, Elizabethtown, $342,650.

Randy Thomas Humphrey and Sandra Lauren Humphrey to Lauren and Colby Coogle, 5820 St. John Road, Elizabethtown, $65,974.20.

Ruth Debo to Judy R. Clark, Lot 26, Twin Oaks Subdivision, gift. FMV: $6,900.

Pamela Miles to Tony Griffith, 2657 Springfield Road, Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $14,000.

Master Commissioners to David Henry Wise, 2013 Oriole Drive, Elizabethtown, $93,100.

Tae Nam Inc. to Bhupendra and Minaxiben Patel, Fort Knox Inn, Lot 1A, Shani Center Subdivision, Radcliff, contract for deed, property valued at $500,000.

Elizabethtown-Hardin County Industrial Foundation Inc. to Accumetric LLC, Hughes Commerce Center, Section 3, Lot 1D, Elizabethtown, $77,760.

HP Ring Road LLC to Accumetric LLC, Hughes Commerce Center, Section 3, Lot 2D, Elizabethtown, $4.14 million.

Jimmy Lee Ladd Jr. to Joseph W. Earls II, 131 Mockingbird Drive, Elizabethtown, $3,623.36.

Johnny L. and Tracie R. Craig to Richard A. and Kathleen C.A. Queen, 503 Chestnut St., Elizabethtown, $250,000.

Linda C. Cornelius to Clifford M. and Diane M. Sego, 1135 N. Logsdon Parkway, Radcliff, $80,000.

Bessie M. Dixon to Bessie M. Dixon and Barbara L. Dixon, 311 Glenwood Ave., Vine Grove, love and affection. FMV: $64,200.

Master Commissioner to U.S. Bank, N.A., 2916 Crockett Court, Elizabethtown, $60,000.

Master Commissioner to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 285 Peachtree St., Upton, $41,667.

PRL Inc. to Norman Wayne Ayotte, Lot 45, Section 2, Mountain View Estates Subdivision, $136,499.

Durward and Kim Raymer to Glenn and Sheila Fonda, property on Warfield Street, Elizabethtown, $42,500.

Adam C. and Lindsey Chaney Smith to Michael S. and Alexa R. Martin, Lot 1, Section 2, Amber Fields Subdivision, $108,900.

Estate of Agnes L. Johnson to Roy E. Rich, one acre at U.S. 31W and Blackjack Road, Radcliff, $41,800.

Michael J. Caddigan Jr. to Jury Bonustro Nantin and Mylene E. Nantin, Lot 396B, Section 15, Whispering Hills Subdivision, Radcliff, $132,500.

Richard H. and Deborah J. Cruse to Bradley Skees, property near White Mills on Melrose Road, $42,500.

CPA Holdings LLC to Fountain Pointe LLC, 2865 Ring Road, Elizabethtown, $308,400.