Property Transfers

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Sept. 2, 2011

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

Robert and Nancy Lake to Robert Earl Lake, property on Summit Baptist Church Road, county, love and affection. FMV: $12,000.

Linda F. Weltmer to Walter L. and Cindy L. Kist, 3021 Lower Colesburg Road, Elizabethtown, $101,000.

Kevin and Connie Jewell Owens to Ben and Mindy Woosley, property in Elizabethtown, $170,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chad Jones, 111 Peachtree St., Elizabethtown, $54,000.

Paul Brandon Thompson and Kaleena Pizzillo to Karen Renae Compton, 307 Village Drive, Elizabethtown, $96,000.

VirginiaA. Drake to Kolette and Robert Harris, property in Hardin County, love and affection. FMV: $12,500.

Precision Homes Inc. to John P. Slinger and Chantel L. Yates, 59 Prong Horn Court, Vine Grove, $183,800.

Nicolai Loutchaninoff and Jeffrey A. Vaughn to Earl K. and Faith A. Williams, 81 Griffin Court, Elizabethtown, $186,900.

Travis and Andrea R. Pelley to Ronald Campbell, 108 Stoneybrook Drive, Elizabethtown, $140,000.

Margaret E. Hellard Hardin and Leonard L. Hardin to Clinton and Jessica Turner, 202 Miller Road, Elizabethtown, $42,000.

Janey M. Fair Revocable Living Trust and Larence R. Fair to Timmy Robertson, lots 12 and 15 Myers Lane, Elizabethtown, $35,000.

Ryan Michael and Kristina M. Moore to Ruby A. and Edward L. Barfield, 712 Summerfield Drive, Elizabethtown, $225,000.

Gladys Coleman, Helen Cowley, Janet and Gary Hancock and Clyde and Lisa F. Coleman to William D. and Karen D. Rickett, 304 Silk Oak Court, Elizabethtown, $130,000.

Angela K. and Carl Cruse, Sonya E. and Roger Crutcher, Thresa C. Bertram and Darrell E. Risinger to David Edlin, 7429 Valley Creek Road, Elizabethtown, $67,999.

DTSAHA LLC to Marc D. and Tiffany D. Dyer, lot 32 Serenity Way, Elizabethtown, $65,000.

Joshua Self to Darlya Headley, 1700 Cash Road, Sonora, $85,000.

Kentucky Land Holdings of Radcliff LLC to KSK Construction LLC, lot 29 Collinbrook Subdivision, $27,000.

Donald R. and Shelia M. Pawley to Connie J. and Kevin M. Owens, lot 10 Beckley Woods Subdivision, county, $300,000.

Sue M. Simpson to Paul and Thelma Diane Sarro, tract 7 Wise-Bates-Preston Subdivision, county, $31,000.

Mark Harris Construction Inc., to Larry and Linda Phillips and Twin Maple Properties LLC, 118 Insanity Lane, Vine Grove, no monetary consideration. FMV: $550,000.

Twin Maple Properties LLC to Gary D. and Terry D. Hinton, property in Hardin County, no monetary consideration. FMV: $550,000.

Robert and Irene Byler to Edward Enrique Vasquez-Zapata and Brenda L. Vasquez, lot 74 University Acres Subdivision, Radcliff, $139,900.

Delmar and Patricia Wash to Wanda Castle, 113 Vertrees Court, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $40,000.

David C. and Stephanie L. Page to James P. and Glena M. Richards, 374 E. Lincoln Trail Boulevard, Radcliff, $118,000.

Radcliff Homes Inc. to Shawn and Sherri Marshall, 631 Trinity Drive, Rineyville, $226,950.

Daniel Clark and Cynthia Blankenship to William Henry and Peggy J. Knight, lot 16 College Hills Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $112,500.

Ronald and Leah Jo McMillen to Dusty Elliott and Holly M. Crutcher, 123 Silver Drive, Sonora, $87,000.

Scott F. and Clare M. Patterson to Joseph W. and Charlotte L. Powers, 147 Sierra Drive, Rineyville, $190,000.

B&W Property Investments LLC to Tanisha M. Williams, property in Hardin County, $125,000.

RAC Closing Services LLC to Teddy H. III and Ann Sandord, 108 North Pointe Drive, Elizabethtown, $179,900.

Heartland Contracting LLC to Gregory J. O’Brien, 1706 W. Crocus Drive, Vine Grove, $154,000.

Carolyn Keller to William and Tracy Ulrich, lot 38 Featherstone Court, Elizabethtown, $39,900.

Jayco Properties LLC to Scott A. Royal, 15 E. Horsehoe Ave., Upton, $82,500.

Willis R. and Anne M. Cecil and Bruce and Beverly Beasley to Universal Interiors Inc., 183 Creekvale Court, Vine Grove, $20,000.

Estate of Amy G. Zehm to Tracy Zimmerman, 4459 Sportsman Lake Road, Elizabethtown, $82,000.