Property Transfers

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May 25, 2012

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

Pat and Ethel Lohden to Eugene P. Blair, lot 27 Springfield Meadows, county, $104,000.

H&M Dreambuilders LLC to Jarod S. and Miranda N. Ash, 255 Standing Oak Drive, Elizabethtown, $114,900.

Deborah K. and Larry Mitchell, Elizabeth and Dale Binder and David Hines to South Central Bank of Hardin County Inc., 2961 Republic Ave., Radcliff, no monetary consideration. FMV: $66,700.

Blue Ribbon Development LLC to Coy and Pamela Gibson, lot 37 Ashton Park, county, $35,000.

William L. and Wanda S. Stewart to James R. Bridgeford and Tammy Y. Eaves-Bridgeford, 830 Rogersville Road, Radcliff, $205,000.

Agape Properties Ltd., to Brandon C. Hunt, lot 70 Countryside Terrace, county, $73,000.

Donovan and Penny Smith to Jesse and Lisa Storey, lot 2 R&R Subdivision, county, $14,000.

Tadeusz S. and Terri R. Maciuba to Cartus Corporation, 40 Apple Ridge Road, county, $270,000.

Estate of Ruby Williams to Troy and Mary Ellen Lawson, property in Hardin County, $50,000.

Nicholas Shane and Amanda S. Kauffeld to Anthony and Lara Hans, 131 Alumni Drive, Elizabethtown, $146,000.

Pence Leasing and Construction Company to Mouser-Pence LLC, 4031 N. Dixie Highway, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $1,060,000.

Mouser Custom Cabinetry LLC to Mouser-Pence LLC, 3891 N. Dixie Highway, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV:$747,000.

Estate of Doris Ann Yancey to Ricardo L. and Diana C. Moore, 340 Madison Drive, Elizabethtown, $147,800.

Eddie H. Jr. and Wanda L. Lawson to Robert D. and Loretta Hall, 404 Claudie Ave., Elizabethtown, $115,000.

Katsusuke Minagawa to Katsusuke and Roy Minagawa, 330 Blue Grass Road, Elizabethtown, no moneatary consideration. FMV: $124,100.

Michael and Vicki Pirtle to Lemora D. Wahington, 1317 Fleming Drive, Elizabethtown, $127,000.

E-Town Homes Inc. to Seung Choi and Joo Jeon, lot 119 Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $250,000.

Tim and Marie Curran to T.M. Rentals LLC, 110 Crutcher St., Vine Grove, no monetary consideration. FMV: $50,000.

Phillip and Angela Pike to Matthew A. and Lori A. Prahl, 957 George Tabb Road, Upton, $193,900.

Bart Catlett to W. Douglas and Donna K. Reed, lots 4 and 5 Wease Estates, county, $29,000.

Bart Catlett to W. Douglas and Donna K. Reed, lot 47 Blackburn Estates, county, $13,000.

John C. and Martha F. Pack to Doug and Deborah Hagan, lot 25 Robey Drive, Glendale, $10,000.

John C. and Martha F. Pack to Doug and Deborah Hagan, lot 26 Robey Drive, Glendale, $110,000.

James D. and Anne M. Pepoon to Clarence P. II and Melinda M. Charatain, 400 Jey Drive, Elizabethtown, $203,000.

Tracy Lee Laughner and Raedean Kramer to Marlene Barnett, 4273 S. Dixie Highway, Glendale, $112,000.

ClevelandJohnson to Barry Lee Johnson and Pam Wheeler, 420 Liberty Ave., Elizabethtown, $64,000.