Radcliff Days shortened by rain

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By Kelly Cantrall

While many events were on the agenda for this weekend’s Radcliff Days, an unscheduled interference changed organizers’ plans.


Radcliff Days was cut short because of rain Saturday, after what originally was expected to be a few scattered showers turned into a downpour that flooded areas of City Park North. Instead of the festival continuing into the evening, everything closed down after the Radcliff World Hard-Boiled Egg-Eating Championship in the afternoon.

As set-up for the contest began, Mayor J.J. Duvall said the crowds were much smaller than expected because of rain.

“It’s very disappointing, just because of all the hype,” Duvall said.

The day started off with a well-attended parade, but rain set in soon after and never let up. Sandy Byerly set up a booth for the first time at the festival.

“This morning it was OK then all of a sudden it started and never stopped,” Byerly said.

Byerly was planning to pack up her items, which included reindeer decorations made by her family, because her tent began leaking.

“And I kind of had a slight river running through” her location, she said.

Patricia Hayes was waiting to see what the weather would do during a lull in the precipitation.

“It’s been raining since I got here,” she said.

Hayes had packed up many of her items, such as handmade tutus for dolls, to protect them from the water. As attendees began to move in toward the amphitheater for the contest, she began hanging a few of her items up in hopes the rain would stay away. But the skies opened soon after.

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