Radcliff, E'town to hoop it up

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Duvall, Walker reinstate charity sporting event between cities

By Marty Finley

It may not be as storied a rivalry as Kentucky vs. Louisville, but two local mayors want to reignite the competitive juices between their respective cities.
Radcliff Mayor J.J. Duvall and Elizabethtown Mayor Tim Walker announced this week a plan to reinstate a fundraiser that will take the form of a sports game between the two cities’ employees.
Duvall pitched the idea to Walker, who wholeheartedly embraced it earlier this week. Years ago, Walker said, the cities held sports tournaments to benefit charities such as WHAS Crusade for Children. Walker at one time was chairman of the event.
“It shows some continuity (between the cities),” he said as he moved into his new office earlier this week.
Duvall said the idea is to host a basketball game between the police and fire departments of Elizabethtown and Radcliff with all proceeds going to a local charity, likely chosen by the winning team.
“It just brings that camaraderie,” Duvall said.
The game could rotate venues each year, and the two mayors would coach the teams, Duvall said. Tickets would be sold at a reasonable price, he added, and T-shirts could be sold to commemorate the event.
Both Duvall and Walker said the game can build rapport between the two cities while increasing community spirit. The two men, along with Vine Grove Mayor Blake Proffitt, have presented a unified front as they all took office during one of the more significant transitional periods in Hardin County’s history with the Army’s base realignment still under way at Fort Knox.
Duvall said the merged Hardin County Chamber of Commerce has expressed interest in participating and they also want to get the smaller cities involved.
To stoke the flame of competition, the event also would feature a rotating trophy for bragging rights, but it is unclear when the first game will be played or the location.
“It’s still in the planning stages,” Walker said.
Duvall stirred the pot early with some lighthearted trash talk aimed at Walker.
“I already have a place cleared off of my desk to place that trophy,” he said.
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