Radcliff Woman’s Club members attend convention

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Anne Aubrey, Becky Brecht, Sheila Enyart, Mary Dea McCrory, Marilyn Williams and Florence Mason of the Radcliff Woman’s Club  attended the 119th Annual State convention of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Kentucky from April 10 through 13 in Louisville.  They were among the 133 attendees from the 93 women’s clubs across Kentucky.


During the convention, awards were given in various areas. The Radclff Woman’s club earned first place in press book, first place in advocacy in action, second place domestic violence, second place in membership, as well as attaining a 100 percent score card.

Additionally, the following individual members were recognzied in the photography contest:  Marilyn Williams, natural history, honorable mention; Sheila Enyart, a year in pictures, second place; Florence Mason, volunteers in action, first place and Sheila Enyart, feature, first place.  Enyart’s feature photo and Mason’s photo will be forwarded to the National Convention in Arizona in June.

Club member Emma Rosenkrantz earned third place in embrodery.

The Radcliff club was also honored to have one of its art entries in the Student Arts & crafts contest to place in the competition.  The entry from Shawn Smith of John Hardin High School won second place in sculpture.  

Also honored were two members for their time with the organization. Josette Roush earned recognition for having been a member for 50 years; and Anne Aubrey earned recognition for having been a member for 25 years.

For information about the Radcliff Woman’s Club, call Becky Brecht, 270-351-6586.