Radcliff Woman’s Club members host melon party

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The Radcliff Woman’s Club has its name imprinted on permanent objects such as the benches at the North Hardin Public Library, North Branch in Radcliff.


The club also has its name imprinted in the hearts of area residents, such as those living at North Hardin Health and Rehabilitartion Center. On July 6, the club sponsored a melon party at the facility.

On Melon Friday, the party was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. However, residents began to gather in the dining room before the time. Soon, carts filled with the ready-to-serve melon were rolled into the room by Pam Switzer and Nancy Shores of the activities department. The bowls of melons were served to the residents by Connie Spellman, Jeanine Erickson and Florence Mason, also of that department.

The melon party catered to the honorees, the residents. However, after the residents were served, the fruit was also shared with the staff.