Radcliff Woman’s Club members participate in Hosparus Tea

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 Radcliff Woman’s Club members took part in the Hosparus Tea and Auction at Severns Valley Baptist Church on March 31.


Maria Batistoni, together with Pat Nuccitelli, Emma Day, Barbara Proffitt, Anne Flanagan, Doris Browder and Sandra Richardson, using the theme of the tea “Once upon a Tea,” converted five tables assigned to the club into a visual fairyland. One was the Peter Pan table, the second was the Mary Poppins table, the third was the Cinderella table with her glass slippers and Prince Charming on his knees wooing her, the fourth was Snow White with all her little admirers and the fifth had various teapots highlighting the theme.

Those who sat at the Radcliff Woman’s Club tables were treated to various treats in addition to the tea-time menu. They received cookies shaped like tea pots and slippers baked by Emma Day, miniature glass slippers filled with jelly beans, lollipops with a unique message from the club, a paper Cinderella coach filled with surprises and an orchid corsage.

Radcliff Woman’s Club members went the extra mile to make the Hosparus Tea and Auction memorable as the ladies gave the celebrity waiters, Cale Thorpe, Bryce Shumate and Rep. Tim Moore a $350 tip for their meticulous attention and service.