'Red 2' hits the mark

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By Becca Owsley

“Red 2” continues the adventures of ex-CIA agent Frank Moses, played again by Bruce Willis, and his rag-tag spy friends.

The film has action, comedy and actors who are 55 and older showing they still can handle an action film. The youngest star of the flick in his 40s, and that’s a good thing.

The movie is silly and sometimes filled with impossible action, but portrays it all with maturity. The cast, filled with Oscar-caliber actors, plays off of one another with charm and humor. It shows even Oscar winners like to have a little fun every now and then. I believe the fun is what brought them back for a second round.

John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren and Brian Cox return from the original “Red.” They are joined by Anthony Hopkins (“Thor”), Catherine Zeta-Jones (“Side Effects”), David Thewlis (“War Horse”) and Byung-hun Lee (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”).

Mirren, who is known for playing several queens of England, plays her role with such fun and confidence that viewers leave the theater thinking the Dame could be a super spy assassin. Without flinching or even blinking, Mirren has a stone-cold concentration which makes you believe she’s with MI6. This woman can take on any role convincingly.

For comic book fans, there’s even an ode to the original format with comic book cells in the title sequence and wipes between scenes.
Admittedly, this film isn’t five-star quality, but it’s fun. Viewers will like the characters, the silliness and buy into the impossible action. It’s an improvement on the first movie.

It’s also nice to have a break from computer-generated characters in action films. It’s no secret I’m a fan of sci-fi and super hero films, but when you are being inundated with them, sometimes you need a break. Especially with the overuse of computer-generated effects in today’s movies.

When I looked around during the showing I attended, most of the crowd was of the 60-and-older variety and they seemed to enjoy the movie.

This proves the boomer generation has a voice in the industry that goes beyond playing a grandparent.

For a fun summer night at the movies, “Red 2” will do just fine. It’s a movie that’s fun, filled with great actors and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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