Reverse calling system would alert residents to emergencies

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System calls homes in the event of emergency, weather alert

By Joshua Coffman

Staff Report

HARDIN COUNTY — Local governments may consider adding a reverse calling system to let residents know of emergencies or threatening weather.

A representative from Code Red, a company that provides reverse 911 software, gave presentations Monday in Elizabethtown and Vine Grove.

The system can be used by the entire county or by individual communities. Cost of the service depends on population size.

In addition to a database provided by the company that includes some cell phones, residents in cities that use the service can sign up to receive emergency calls. A community’s 911 database of addresses and numbers also is used.

The program can notify residents of train derailments and other need-to-know situations. For an extra cost, communities can be called with National Weather Service alerts about storms, floods and tornadoes.

Code Red would cost the cities of Elizabethtown or Radcliff $15,000 annually with the NWS notification or $10,000 without. It would cost Vine Grove $5,000 annually for the basic service and additional $2,500 for weather alerts. To cover the entire county, the company would charge $25,000 or $37,500, respectively.

No decision has been made by any community.