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Gail Pike, 737-2973

BIRTHDAYS. Last week’s birthdays included Taylor Meals, Bobby Brangers, Daniel Duda, Tom Billings, Briley Whelan, John Akers, Marshall, Kali Baker, Terry Ray, Terri Rosenberger, Melissa Steib, Angie Davis, Codi Miller, Laverne Thomas, Fawnda Cox, Hunter Yates, Caleb Vinton, Rhonda Newton, Richard Vertrees, Betty Hundley, Matthew Mitchell, Lori Phillips, Brody Bewley and Annette Reesor.

This week’s birthdays include Holly Yates, Kelsey Miller, Kayla Booker, Laetitia Langley, Wendy Bush, Mary Stanley, Joyce Patterson, Chris Brangers, Alice Noltemeyer, Tracy Compton, Michelle Higdon, Ken Bewley, Mark Ray, Leslie Ray, Ashley Bernard, Candice Schroeder, Callie Conner, Phyllis Taylor, Vicki Jackson, Kyle Webster, Ava Ray, Melissa Troutt, Johnny Taylor, Kristen Parrett, Tina Nall, Justin Yates, Christopher Riney, Steve Purdom, Isaiah Geer, Angela Langley and me.

50TH BIRTHDAY. Jimmy Wiseman will be 50 years old on Tuesday.

GET-WELL WISHES. Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers: Sammy Adams, Dennis Arnold, Bunny Brangers, David Brangers, Katherine Brangers, Ruth Ann Brangers, Steve Brangers, Chuck Campbell, Leanna Cecil, Mary Deaton, Dorothy Howe, Judy Kennedy, Jett Kilfoile, Colleen Learned, Alma Mahanna, Louise Matheney, Roy Meals, Kenny Miller, Roger Miller, Cathy Morgan, Pam Muse, David Nall, Sr., Ronnie Nall, Virgil Ray, Leslie “Pick” Vertrees, Doris Vowels, Bill Wise, Joe Wise, Anne Wiseman and Zach Wiseman.

SYMPATHY. Sympathy is extended to the family of Norbert Nall on their April 15 loss; to the families of Fern Bailey and Frances Louise Baker who passed away on May 7; and to the family of Charles Bernard Ray with their May 10 loss.

ANNIVERSARY. Happy wedding anniversary to Punkie and Lamar Padgett and Walter and Janet Reed last week and to Kevin and Pam Yates and Lindsey and Zach Miller on Thursday.

RINEYVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. The following students had birthdays last week: Kelsey Baker, Serena Blanford, Kyle Collin, Sebastian Ellis, Ashleigh Fox, Abbi Whitaker and Genaro Garcia.

The following students have birthdays this week: Christopher Morgan, Emily Hardesty and Adam Ross today; Caleb Vititoe, Riley Colyer, and Joseph Garcia on Monday; Preston Cantwell and Lukas Whelan on Wednesday; Tyler Bowman and Hannah Wagner on Thursday; and Audrey Pennington on Friday.

BENEFIT AUCTION. There will be a benefit auction for Roger and Betty Miller on Saturday, May 21, at Central Hardin High School. Music by the Outlaw Justice band will begin at 5 p.m. There will be hot dogs, chips, drinks and desserts. The auction will begin at 6 p.m. Donated items from many area businesses and individuals include homemade desserts. For information call Lisa at 765-9206.

SUBMITTING YOUR NEWS. Please give me a call at 737-2973 or email your news to rgpike@windstream.netby Monday evening.