Rineyville report of abduction isn't first in area

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By Bob White



FORT KNOX — After claims from a Rineyville girl that a man tried to abduct her from a bus stop near Ranch Road last Wednesday and a Kentucky State Police report that followed, Fort Knox officials have released information regarding a similar incident that reportedly occurred last month.

According to Fort Knox spokesman Ryan Brus, base officials refrained from notifying state and local police of an Oct. 22 report of an attempted child abduction on Fort Knox, because details of the incident were very limited.

"I think the only commonalities were that a man was in a vehicle trying to pick up a child," Brus said. "With more information, it's common practice to share what we know with area agencies because we want to create awareness and help one another in any way possible."

Fort Knox Schools superintendent sent a letter the day after the attempted abduction to inform Knox parents of the matter and to remind everyone to exercise vigilance and safety, Brus said.

Last week's report investigated by Kentucky State Police included a detailed description of the man whom an 11-year-old said demanded her to get inside his black truck.

The truck, according to the girl, showed signs of rust on the body and said the truck sat higher than a typical pickup. Crates and trash was also said to be in the bed of the pickup.

The girl described the man as a large, elderly Caucasian, with thick white hair and a gray mustache. He was reportedly wearing a red/orange plaid-flannel shirt and dirty blue jeans with what may have been dried concrete on his pants.

After the girl fled the bus stop, the truck drove off toward Burns Road, police said.

Anyone with information about a similar incident, or a man or vehicle matching the description given by the girl should contact their local police agency.

“Tell them if something like this happens to them, to run,” said Bryce Shumate, Radcliff spokesman who first reported the alleged attempted abduction in Rineyville.

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