Rising Voices: Point/Counterpoint: Semesters or Trimesters

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Trimesters offer more opportunities

By Savanna Bolin 

High school, for some, is meant to be a time of readying yourself for college. It's an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience to help you succeed in whatever plans you have for the future.


In recent years, high schools across the United States have started making strides to improve education plans to better benefit the students. New changes include altering school start and ending times, more individualized programs and specialized classes, and - something common among schools in the Elizabethtown area - switching from semester classes to trimesters.


Trimesters consist of three sets of classes, usually with five classes per term, resulting in 15 classes per year. An obvious perk of more open class slots is the freedom to take more classes. With the expanding number of electives schools are offering, it can be hard to choose. With trimesters, instead of having to choose between two electives that you're really interested in, you have the time available to take both of those classes. This gives you the chance to take all the classes the school offers that will further advance you in your future career.


Not only that, but with more slots to fill, your schedule is flexible enough for you to explore new fields of interest. If there’s a class that you’ve been thinking of trying out but never had the chance to because of all the core classes and electives needed to graduate, trimesters can give you that chance. 


Another perk of trimesters is that the terms are divided into 12-week periods, as opposed to 18 weeks (a semester). The idea of going to school every morning is much more exciting if your classes are more varied and you’re not stuck in them for months, and for most students, anything that can make the school day more interesting is worth the tougher deadlines that can sometimes come with shorter class times.


Along with the extensive academic perks, more classes gives you a chance to meet more classmates. Even if a new friend may seem like a simple thing, it adds to the knowledge you gain in high school in a completely different way.


There are many steps in making the best out of your high school experience. It takes staying focused and making all the right decisions. Trimester scheduling is a decision that schools won’t regret adopting and that you won’t regret experiencing.

Savanna Bolin is a junior at Central Hardin High School.