RISING VOICES: A ray of hope

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By The Staff



Good news, America. In a world with a failing economy, where headlines are filled with dark, depressing news, stores are closing and bustling malls are becoming as empty as your wallet everywhere you turn, the latest in technological developments could turn these shadowed times into a cloudless summer day. Imagine movie-projector phones, cancer-destroying pills and a car that gets 235 miles per gallon. These revolutionary products are not fantasy; they are reality, or they will be in the very near future. Samsung Show. One feature many cell phone users find frustrating is the small screen. Samsung has developed a new type of phone called Show with a built-in projector. The phone comes with a vivid 3.2 inch OLED touch screen, which is large for a cell-phone. The built-in projector can project an image up to almost 30 times its original size. This phone can display a 100-inch image for about three hours, in addition to functioning as a cell phone and Internet browser. The Samsung Show is only available in Korea now for $490; but it could eventually revolutionize communication and entertainment in America and around the world. To learn more, visit www.t3.com. iPill. Simply mentioning the word cancer is enough to send a shudder through a room. A new medical breakthrough may change that by fighting one specific type of cancer — gastrointestinal cancer — in a simple but revolutionary way. Rather than using chemotherapy, which kills not only the cancer cells but healthy tissues as well, the patient soon may be able to swallow a pill called the iPill, made by Philips, that can release cancer-fighting drugs when it comes into contact with the cancer. In addition, if anything goes wrong, the doctor can manually activate or deactivate the release of the drugs. This pill is currently in the process of being tested on animals and is scheduled for human testing later in the year. To learn more, visit www.dailygalaxy.com Volkswagen L1. Currently, paying at the pump takes a chunk out of your checkbook, but with the Volkswagen L1, you can keep more pennies in your pocket. This new vehicle weighs in at 640 pounds and has gotten 285 miles per gallon on optimal tests. Most modern vehicles, at best, have reached 40 to 50 miles per gallon. There are a few drawbacks to this product, however. The car is a two-seater with the passenger behind the driver, and everything is small. It lacks many of the features that are common in most modern automobiles, but the positives of this car seem to outweigh the negatives. Volkswagen plans to have it available by 2010. To learn more, visit www.gas2.org. In summary: a cell phone can double as a home theater system, certain cancer patients may soon be able to skip chemotherapy and be treated with a pill, and a vehicle can carry passengers from state to state on a single tank of fuel. Although dismal  news reports can be depressing, these and other innovative designs can be a shining light of hope. Andrew Vaughn is a home-schooled senior and attends Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.