Rolling Thunder has meeting

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Rolling Thunder Chapter 4 Kentucky monthly membership and business meeting was Feb. 5 in the Lebanon Junction Community Center. The Kentucky State Director A.R. Boots Edwards was present and gave a progress report on Chapter 4. A section of the constitution was read by Education Chairman Marisa Lee. Patches were awarded to Delores Green and Missie Hill. 


A Missing Man Table was on display with John Locke explaining what each item on the table represented. The table is round to show our everlasting concern for our missing men. The tablecloth is white symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call of duty. The single red rose reminds us of the life of each missing, the vase is tied with a red ribbon, a symbol of our continued determination to account for our missing. A slice of lemon on the bread plate is to remind us of the bitter fate of those captured and missing. Salt upon the bread plate is symbolic of the families tears as they wait. The glass is inverted, they cannot toast with us tonight. The chair is empty, they are not here. POW’s/MIA’s, most just call them “Brothers.” Remember they are unable to be with us. Remember all of you who served with them and called them comrades. Until they come home, Remember.

A Poker Run named “Never Forgotten Run” is being planned for June 23 with a rain date of June 30. Plans are under way for the Rolling Thunder XXV Ride for Freedom in Washington D.C., Memorial Day weekend.

Rolling Thunder, Inc., Kentucky Chapter Four, monthly membership and business meeting  is at 2 p.m. March 4, in the community center, 135 N. Poplar St., Lebanon Junction. Meetings are open to the public and dues are $30 per year. Anyone can join, even though many members are veterans and ride motorcycles, you don’t need to be a veteran or ride a bike to join. The major function of Rolling Thunder Inc. is to publicize the POW/MIA issue and is committed to helping homeless and disabled veterans of all wars and other Veterans issues. Visit http://www.rollingthunderkych4.com , currently under construction.