Rooms with 'whoa'

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Chic reigns when decorating for kids

By Becca Owsley




ELIZABETHTOWN — Kids’ rooms today are becoming chic and sassy with designs that are creative and fanciful for girls and sporty and masculine for boys.

The trend has gone beyond wallpaper and borders to murals and themed designs.   

The Pinkham home has a room that is every little girl’s dream house.

Painted along one wall is a cream siding house with pink doors that actually open into another room. The other wall features a white picket fence with furry creatures along the fence row.

Kelly Jeffries of Jeffries Custom Finishes painted the cozy mural along the wall. The project took seven days to complete.

The family has lived in the home two years since the completion of the mural.

When they expanded and renovated the house, they expanded the room and put a wall up to create a room behind the house mural. The small room has hardwood floors and curtains in the widow.

Rhonda Pinkham was impressed that in the mural Jeffries added the touch of shadows cast from the animals featured.  She gave Jeffries a picture of a cottage house which she used to create the dream house in the playroom.

The green carpet in the room gives an illusion of a yard outside the painted dream house.

“It’s as cute as it can be, I may just keep it like this forever,” Pinkham said. 

Madyson, 7, is the proud owner of the playroom.

“I love it,” Madyson said.

The first time her friends came over “they were like whoa,” Madyson said.

Madyson’s bedroom is decorated in similar colors of blue and pink with butterflies on the curtains and a net canopied over the bed. Her bathroom coordinates with a Hawaiian shower curtain.

Pinkham’s playroom may be a more intricate example of kids’ room designs but many parents are looking to make their kids’ rooms more unique and reflective of their personality.

People interested in theme rooms invest a lot of money in the projects and try to stay away from cartoon characters to stick with something the child and parent will want for many years, Jefferies said.

She advises homeowners to choose things the child can grow with, creating a more timeless look instead of using characters that could date it.

Bold and bright colors with geometric shapes is the newest trend Jeffries has seen. She said it is smart to pick simpler designs with shapes and contemporary looks that transcend time.

Clients also will match patterns on a child’s bedspread that have shapes or simple patterns to them.

Another new trend Jeffries has seen in rooms of any age child is chalkboard paint. A section of a wall or a door can be painted to create an instant chalkboard. From playing school to graffiti designs about their latest crush, the idea adds a bit of personality to a child’s room.

For infant rooms, parents often are abandoning teddy bears and little lambs for a more adult look. Jefferies said they often put monograms or the child’s name on the wall above the placement of the crib for a “Pottery Barn” look.

This way it will be a while before the parent has to repaint the room, Jefferies said.

She said decorating shows on television have opened homeowners’ eyes to what they can do with endless possibilities.

Becca Owsley can be reached at (270) 505-1741.