RSBA celebrates first anniversary

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The Radcliff Small Business Alliance met at Colvin Community Center to celebrate the anniversary of its first meeting on April 9.


President Terry Shortt opened the meeting with introductory remarks and followed with a year end report to the membership. He also recognized volunteer official photographer Anne Flanagan who has attended and documented all but one of the 38 events held in the first year. Asked how many photos she had taken she remarked, “A little over 1,500.”

He recognized several elected officials including Magistrate Roy Easter. Shortt told the story about the evening ribbon cutting for Mary Kay by Lynne during a really terrible ice storm when no one was on the road. But he said Easter was there just as he has been most other times. He said that is indicative of the support members give to other members. Shortt related the place was packed with well wishes.

Short welcomed new member Bonnie Jean’s Barber Shop on North Logsdon, who gave a short summary of her specialties.

Co-founder John Flanagan spoke next recapping and highlighting the many events and activities conducted by the RSBA to showcase its members and the vitality of Radcliff’s small business economy. He traced the beginnings with 18, then 20, then more members as the days and weeks went by until the peak at 134 members.

Flanagan mentioned their work with speaking against the New Jersey Barriers planned for U.S. 31W, and its recent analysis of the post deciding to expand housing eligibility. Both of these issues would and may still result in serious economic hardships to the local economy. He stressed that we do not view it as a war, rather an unfortunate situation we – Radcliff, Fort Knox and Knox Hills – are all caught in. A situation RSBA is seeking to champion a Win-Win-Win solution.

Flanagan noted agreement in the attendees when he spoke of the results of the free technology tips presented by Joe Harmon on Google strategies, and commented about the focus on improving members’ bottom line. Asking member Wendy Barto how many clients she could attribute she replied as a matter of fact, “43.” 

Co-founder and treasurer Jacob Pearman reported on the Alliance’s finances as being sound, and reminded the audience the latest bank statement is posted on our website.

Events co-coordinator Cheryl Love reported on upcoming events, and urged members to come out stressing the importance of team. 

Shortt called Lynne Peace to the lectern and congratulated her on achieving the high status in the Mary Kay program winning the use of a Chevy Cruz for the next year. Shortt and Peace were joined by Wendy Barto who bestowed on her the RSBA High-Five for excellence with a giant hand. 

The meeting’s meal with all the fixin’s was catered by Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken.

Shortt closed the meeting reminding members to renew their memberships for this coming year and invited other small business owners to visit and join us.