Say something with socks

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Teens embrace their sock styles


It might seem unimportant, or even childish, but we all feel great when we wear our favorite pair of socks. Why are the socks you wear so important? The reality of the matter is, happy feet make for a happy person.

A favorite among teen girls are novelty socks, which come in many colors, designs and styles.

“Anything with animal prints or any crazy designs,” said Elizabethtown High School senior Susan Shaw.

Other favorites include ankle socks and knee highs.

Many girls said they love crazy, colorful socks. Many also said they enjoy wearing mismatched socks, because they enjoy mixing it up and because it is so hard to find a matching pair early in the morning before school.

A more old fashioned style some girls like are lace socks and vintage looking knee socks, which Central Hardin High School junior K.J. Hall said she likes wearing with her Oxfords and a pair of boots.

“Toe socks with sparkles are my favorite,” said Taylor Graham, a senior at EHS.  

Of the 25 girls who were surveyed about their sock preferences, about half said they like sparkles on their socks, as well.

More athletic in her sock wearing, EHS junior Sydney Davis says, “I wear Prince No Show tennis socks, American Eagle winter socks and Target footies.”

Another athlete said she enjoys wearing her knitted swimmer socks.

Emma Coakley, a senior at EHS, also loves to show her University of Louisville pride with her socks and to spread the joy by wearing socks for every holiday.

Speaking of holiday socks, the stores are packed with them.

Overall, the trend for girls’ socks is “out there” with lots of bright colors and outrageous designs.

Guys, on the other hand, seem to have a very different opinion of their favorite types of socks. They like the style and feel of athletic socks. They don’t mind plain colors and seem to have a simpler approach when it comes to socks.

 When asked how he likes to wear his socks, Jody Robinson, a junior at CHHS said, “I like to wear them on my feet,”

Although he was being sarcastic, he also mentioned that he likes socks from Puma and Nike.

Aaron Vance, a junior at North Hardin High School added that Puma No Shows are one of his favorites as well.

A junior at EHS, James Hall excitingly stated, “American Eagle No Shows? Best socks ever.”

Junior Tate Wilson from Meade County was quick to agree with Hall.

Diante Elcock, senior at EHS, jokingly said, “We’re Kentuckians: no shoes, no socks.” But when asked again, he admitted that he likes striped ankle socks.

The old-fashioned style of socks has proven to be popular with not only girls, but also many boys. A Junior at EHS Alex O’Bryan said, “Old school socks with two stripes at he top are my favorite lol.”

The trends for girls and boys in terms of sock preferences are very clear. Girls love interesting socks that can show characteristics of their personality. Guys like it simple and generally athletic.

What both girls and boys can agree on can be summed up by a blunt statement made by junior at JHHS Michael Kimble. Teens collectively love “Swag Socks.”

Hannah McCandless is a junior at Elizabethtown High School.