In search of a Thanksgiving song

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By Robert Villanueva

Now that Turkey Day has come and gone, ushering in Black Friday, Cyber Monday and frenzied shopping in general, I’m taking time to reflect on that fowl-based holiday.

We associate many things with that festive occasion: full stomachs, leftovers, full stomachs, more leftovers. Well, you get the picture.

Some also might equate Thanksgiving with that famed parade of disturbingly large animated characters who take over New York City or the pummeling of human flesh on a football field of green that contrasts our own brown lawns or even the gathering of loved ones who will argue over whether cranberry sauce should or should not be served in the shape of the can it comes out of. These are all valid aspects of the holiday for many.

My main focus is this: Why aren’t there more songs about Thanksgiving?

I mean, really.

We have Christmas songs that range from romantic to traditional, from nostalgic to novelty. There are pop, country, alternative and hip hop Christmas songs. We have songs about a magically animated snowman, a flying ostracized reindeer and a man who watches you while you sleep, which, if you ask me, is pretty creepy when you think about it.

We even have Christmas songs that consist of a 12-day gift list.

I’m cool with that. Getting 12 days worth of gifts sounds great though, really, what’s with all those birds? Swans, geese, calling birds, turtle doves, French hens and a partridge. Can you say histoplasmosis?

This isn’t about any kind of dissatisfaction about those Christmas songs. I like those Christmas songs.

But seriously, isn’t it kind of odd that Thanksgiving doesn’t have at least a few songs or a catchy tune about a special character like “Gobbles, the Succulently Juicy Turkey?” OK, that example needs work.

Or maybe the song can be about a turkey that magically gains the power of speech when it dons a special pilgrim hat, leading all his turkey buddies to the chopping block in the supreme sacrifice to feed humans. OK, that needs work, too.

But you get the picture.

There’s just nothing out there in the way of Thanksgiving songs.
I can think of only one song related to Thanksgiving; the one that starts with “We gather together.” That’s it.

I’m sure I learned a few when I was a kid, but they obviously didn’t become popular.

No songs about feasting and stuffing yourself. No ballads about gravy. No odes to pumpkin pies.

It’s a travesty, I tell ya.

Isn’t this a great opportunity to create a Thanksgiving song that becomes an instant hit and eventually a time-honored classic?

Think about it. There’s really no competition. Yeah. That’s it. I could write a Thanksgiving song. It could be like the song about Rudolph.

Gobbles, the Tasty Turkey
Used to live on someone’s farm
And if you ever saw him
You would think him free from harm
All of the skinny turkeys
Used to taunt the hefty bird
They never showed old Gobbles
Kindness or a friendly word
Then one hungry T-Day Eve
Farm hands came to say
Gobbles with such weight and height
Won’t you feed our folks next night?
Then how the turkeys loved him
They were just too dumb to know
Soon as they grew like Gobbles
They would be the next to go!

OK. That needs work, too.

Robert Villanueva can be reached at rvillanueva@thenewsenterprise.com or (270) 505-1743.