Sept. 15, 2013: Our readers write

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Paying it forward

I am writing concerning a letter that came to the editor last month about sharing kindness with strangers. Pay it forward, if you will. She received a card at a drive-thru window along with a free meal in memory of Kelli Shaw. She spoke of how it opened her eyes to sharing with others and the importance of God, family and friends.

I can’t begin to say how thrilled that made myself and my wife! You see, we are Kelli Shaw’s parents.We knew the heart Kelli had for strangers and people that just needed to be loved on. I am so proud of my wife for thinking of the idea to pay it forward in Kelli’s memory. We can’t wait to tell her son she left behind just what kind of mother that God blessed him with.

Thanks again to the lady that wrote the letter,it truly made our day.

David Shaw



Be an informed voter

If you voted for President Barack Obama in the past two elections and now find that you voted for the most unAmerican president ever, you will soon have the opportunity to correct the situation by joining with liberty loving citizens across the nation and electing individuals who believe in job opportunities for all.

As a voter, you have an obligation to be informed.  Remember ObamaCare, ACORN, TARP (Fiskes/Solyndra), UN bureaucrats, immigration, unemployment, food stamps, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi debacle  in which four died, NSA domestic spying, illegal recess appointments, red line (Syria flip-flop) and last, record unemployment.

In Washington, we need elected officials who believe in well-paying jobs for all with lower taxes and smaller government.  What we don’t need is tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend liberals.

Do your homework, be an informed voter.

Bruce Gilland



Tax spending question 

I want to respond to a letter on how much taxpayer’s money was spent for County Attorney Jenny Oldham to get an award for doing her job. I asked her to provide the amount of money taxpayers were on the hook for the Aug. 2-3 Kentucky Prosecutors’ Conference in Lexington. The first letter showed $1,000 for rooms at the Hyatt Regency for eight attorneys, two days each. 

The second letter stated only four attorneys in her office requested reimbursement for a total of $1,343.24 – who knows how much the other 4 attorneys got (stated the state paid for the others). Ms. Oldham stated in her letter she did not request any reimbursement for the trip. I would imagine being called out in the readers’ forum about this award and costs of getting it, she decided not to get any money reimbursed.   

She needs to get ready for her 2014 re-election and wants to be seen like she is all about doing her job for the people even if it means not getting reimbursed for getting her award. I would hope Ms. Oldham responds and gives the taxpayers a full accounting costs of this trip paid by the Hardin County and Kentucky taxpayers for all eight attorneys.

Richard Leal