Sept. 19, 2012: Our readers write

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Obama’s advisors

My missive back in March suggested Attorney General Holder should step down from office. Since that time, Mr. John Bryson the secretary of commerce, had multiple auto hit and runs the same day and turned in his resignation suggesting he has a medical condition. Yep, I guess the physical prior to beginning service was a bummer.

That was followed by a June suggestion that maybe another of the president’s cabinet should give it up to spend more time with her family as the secretary of state appears to have lost her touch in her recent assignments; where she has traveled in the Mediterranean Sea area has turned to turmoil. It was a call for her to be removed from office.

Concerns have now become reality and a bad time for our president and America, while Israel, Iran, and Syria have yet to catch fire but are simmering. Her mind must still be on the big South America orgy.

Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary recently and knowingly, violated the Hatch Act, but President Obama said she will not be required to step down, i.e., she will not be punished. She will be administrator of the Obama health care legislation. This means the administrator, who directs who will and will not receive medical services, doesn’t believe in the letter of the law. Think about that.

Great bunch of advisors and administrators you have there Mr. Obama

Bill Beckerdite


Time for a change

 I was glad to read the opinion section in Monday’s paper. The letters submitted by some Democrats brought comedy to an otherwise dreary, rainy day.

President Barack Obama has been in office for almost four years now. Yet, he and all his followers continue to blame President George W. Bush.

When will you all take responsibility for your actions?

Mr. Obama knew from the get-go what kind of administration he was going to “inherit.” Still, he said: “If I cannot turn the economy around and cut the budget in half in my first four years, then I will be a one time leader.” Notice the quotation marks. These are his exact words when he was campaigning in 2008.

Now we have an international crisis on our hands. Mr. Obama and his administration have done nothing but apologize for the “YouTube movie” which people in the Middle East have not even seen. I tried to find it and had no luck.

You all complained Mitt Romney had no foreign experience, yet condemn him when he talks tough to the Arab nations destroying our embassies. Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton only voiced their dismay after Mitt Romney “shot first and aimed later.”

Remember what happened in 1979? Jimmy Carter also sat on his hands. He did authorize a rescue mission, but like his administration, this also failed. It took a tough hard-line Republican like Ronald Reagan to let Iran know that they better release our people, or they will have to pay their actions.

Since Mr. Obama has been living in the White House, gas and food prices have doubled and tripled. Gas was less than $ 2 a gallon and now it is almost $ 4 a gallon.

You all think that Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, I have news for you. He is more like moldy bread and soured milk.

Pinky Bilz