Sept. 26, 2013: Our readers write

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Gun solution that respects 2nd amendment

President Obama recently stated that, in the face of increasing gun violence, the road to stricter gun control laws should obsess us. Many people, along with the NRA, believe that our second amendment right to bear arms is important and should be protected, with the problem being that too many mentally ill people continue to have access to guns. I agree that the second amendment grants us an important right, and I have a suggestion that addresses both viewpoints.

When a person applies for a job as a police officer, an occupation that involves carrying a gun, one of the steps on their path to employment is to undergo and pass a psychological screening, and I believe requiring potential purchasers of guns to pass the same screening a police applicant must pass would be an ideal solution for both groups. In the past, tightening gun laws has proven ineffective all too often, while a psychological screening along with the background check currently issued for people wishing to purchase guns would help weed out those who would cause the greatest risk to the public if given access to firearms.

People merely seeking a firearm for protection would have nothing to worry about once their screening results come back, and they would then be able to exercise their second amendment right. The only ones who would have to fear greater difficulty acquiring guns under such a measure would be the very people we are trying to keep guns away from in the first place.

Mike Waters



Defund Obamacare

We have one last chance to stop the 2,700 page monstrosity known as “Obamacare” with its 10,561 pages of accompanying regulations by defunding it. In addition to health care, these regulations will control nearly everything we do. More will get coverage, but when fully implemented, only the young, middle aged and healthy will treatment. Why? Fewer doctors.

Write and call senators and representatives to defund. The government is shut down every three day weekend and Thanksgiving without harm and has been shut down a dozen times from 1975 to 1995 without harm. 

If we don’t stop Obamacare now, the resulting higher insurance costs, part-time work (39 hours), taxes on health insurance, fewer jobs from businesses regulated out, and other problems will push us into second-world status. 

Ask for buying medical insurance across state lines as we do car in surance; for medical savings accounts; and for tort reform. Republians proposed this earlier, but the media didn’t report it.

J.B. Armstrong