Sept. 30, 2013: Our readers write

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Some collaboration required

As we all know in recent times we have had a government behaving much like a dysfunctional family. The Democrats and Republicans both blame each other for state of the economy and other key items in our daily lives. When our government cannot work together toward a common goal will we reach the same levels of despair as in other parts of the world?

As far as the so-called Obamacare goes, personally I think it is a failed design with perhaps noble intentions. It is great for people in their early 20s to be on their parents’ insurance and people with current health conditions be able to get insurance. However, ultimately this all has to be paid for by someone. As Utopian as it may be on the surface, some sort of middle ground of health care must be reached. A good start may be for the politicians that make all these laws to start having to follow them. There is not a large population of the U.S. that make the money or have access to the benefits at the level of a Senator or Congressman. Isn’t it great that a faction of public workers can dictate laws to the people that pay their salary that include not having to follow such laws.

Why not let Obamacare go through and try to work out the many, many flaws in it. If it works, give the devil its due — no comparison intended. If it does not work, that is what elections are for. As bad as it pains me to say, it is the law of the land as long as Democrats have control. There is a way to change that soon if the majority feels that way. 

Lastly, isn’t it strange that years ago George Bush was being unpatriotic by spending money and increasing the debt. I do believe Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi voted against raising the debt ceiling when Republicans were in office.

Don Robinette