Sept. 5, 2013: Our readers write

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Pinky Bilz, Harry M. Braxton Jr.

Not qualified

The racist agenda has been going on longer than before the Martin/Zimmerman story. It is sad most of those who are trying to bring the “forces” to bear are members of the black community.

It is now being reported Charles Rangel has thrown out the rule book. In an interview, Mr. Rangel had the guts to say: “members of the Tea Party are nothing but a bunch of racist people ... who want to keep the black man down.”

How a person, who is supposedly intelligent enough to be elected to Congress, can make such an inflammatory statement is incredible. The sad part is he is not the only person with this mindset.

A couple years ago I wandered into a gas station and found a hat, only one. On the front was embroidered: “Tea Party Patriot.” I wear it as much as I can.

Those of you who remember history recall another Tea Party group who refused to pay a tax to the British crown. As Tea Party members, we are appalled at the state of our government, our economy, our stature in the rest of the world, and the clowns who make the decisions. We are not racist just because we disagree with Mr. Obama and his communist agenda. We would not care if the man was black, white, green with red spots or came from Mars.

The man currently in the White House is not qualified to be there, regardless of his skin color, and the sooner he leaves office the better off America will be.  

Pinky Bilz



Pursuing an agenda

There is a big difference in me telling someone “You don’t have to wash my car” as opposed to me telling that same person “Don’t wash my car!” I relate such a circumstance to the much circulated implication George Zimmerman was “ordered” to get back into his vehicle before the tragic struggle between him and Trayvon Martin. According to trial testimony and evidence, that implication wasn’t true.

I got to see and hear a 50 minute YouTube video testimony from Day 1 of the Zimmerman trial by dispatcher Sean Noffke; the dispatcher who was in contact with Zimmerman just prior to the incident, as well as the dispatcher recording of that incident. Those who really care about how this verdict was reached should view this. During this testimony, Noffke not only denied Zimmerman was ordered to get back in his vehicle but also explained why a dispatcher doesn’t give such instructions to civilian callers in terms of legal liability. Such instructions always would be left to police officers on the scene.

I’m angry after hearing and viewing this video and feel many people; including President Obama, owe Zimmerman an apology. A first responding officer on that scene looking for a suspicious individual appreciates an individual like Zimmerman willing to keep visual contact with a suspect. I’m glad people willing to help the police abound in Hardin County. The video confirmed my feelings Zimmerman was doing that and wasn’t involved in any form of misconduct. There was no lawful authority present to direct him to do otherwise.

What is the nationwide body count is; as far as people either injured or killed, as the result of this news and entertainment media lie? Those who “stir the pot” for a living; such as the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, don’t care about either and they almost “lynched” Zimmerman in pursuit of an anti-gun agenda as long as they get their kick back for organizing “rent-a-mobs.” 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. probably is turning over in his grave. I’ve said before, King was killed to get him out of the way so false prophets could take over the civil rights movement and manipulate it for a price.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.