Sept. 6, 2013: Our readers write

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Shut out of the parade

I own and run Sinister Tombs Haunted House in Hardin County. We are a small, family-run haunted house and take great pride in having been in Hardin County since 2001.

Until 2012, we had been accepted in the Heartland Festival parade in Elizabethtown every year. We were denied entry in 2012, saying we were too scary.

I talked with everybody and could not gain entry that year. I was told by the parade committee chairman that he tried to get us in but another board member refused because of what we were. I went to a city council meeting to advise the council and met with Mayor Tim Walker, who advised me how to fill out the application to be accepted. Even though he passed away, I put together the application for 2013 as he advised me.

Once you are turned down for the Heartland, there is no appeal process. Their decision is final is what I found out last year.

We advised in our application that we would do whatever they wanted in order to get in and they still refused to let us in the parade.

We always have had hundreds of people during and after the parade come and take pictures with us. We are the most popular group at any parade we go to. Last year, we won top in our class at both Leitchfield and Caneyville parades. Look for yourself and decide.

Marvin Skaggs



Double standards

I’m surely not the smartest person in the world, but I’m not the dumbest. You might say I’m somewhere in between. But going through life there are some things I fail to understand and hope somebody can explain it to me to help me understand it.

I read in The News-Enterprise Aug. 13 that a former pet store owner was being charged with tax theft of more than $19,000. The pet store owner can spend 10 years in prison if found guilty.

What I fail to understand is this: It is common knowledge and a fact that our government took trillions of dollars from the Social Security fund and has never paid one dime of the money back. No charges have been filed and nothing was ever done. Closer to home, the city of Elizabethtown lied about their population in order to charge an illicit restaurant tax to pay for a park.

So my question is simple: Why are politicians allowed to get by with lying, cheating and stealing and no charges ever brought against them but the average citizen does the same thing for financial gain and they want to lock them up? Is there a different set of rules for different classes of people? Our so-called leaders certainly haven’t been role models for an average citizen to follow.

Jerry M. Cooke