Sept. 8, 2013: Our readers write

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Learn about health care changes

Because the Affordable Health Care Act affects so many of us, I want to thank the Greater Hardin County Women’s Network for stepping up to the plate and providing the community with information at a recent event. Please don’t look past this information. So many of our loved ones will be affected and need to know what to do and where to go. The speaker, Jeannie Samdani, recommends residents learn more by going to www.kynect.ky.gov or calling Lincoln Trail Area Development District, or Elizabethtown Community and Technical College starting Oct. 1.

We have 600,000 uninsured Kentuckians who will need this information, so please share it.

Jeannette Stephens


Mysterious ways

Our dog Midnight is completely black — hence his name — and appears to be a lab/chow mix and is a wonderful watchdog. He is around 14-years-old and is now almost completely blind and deaf.

One late evening a storm came up with thunder and lightning. Midnight, who hates storms, somehow got out of his pen. We looked everywhere but we couldn’t find him. We reported him lost to the pound, called our neighbors and prayed.

After almost two weeks I began to lose hope. Then one night our oldest daughter called and said that she and her husband had just gone to the store and saw a sign on the door. Her husband, who suddenly had gotten a craving for cereal, couldn’t believe he was cranking up his gas-guzzling old truck to go to the store just before it was about to close for a little box of cereal.

But God had a plan, because on the door of the store, someone had put up a sign asking if anyone had lost an older black dog. My husband called the number and the man and his wife described an old black dog that had wandered up. They had been taking care of him. It was Midnight.

God said, “He is even concerned about the sparrow that falls to the ground.”While I was worried and about to give up, Jesus was answering prayers. Thank God that he’s God and not me.

That is not all; a family friend who lives in New York was telling some of her friends, who had recently lost their cat, about Midnight and how Jesus had answered our prayers. They, too, started praying. Jesus answered their prayers and their cat returned.

Jesus is alive and He cares.

Carrie Blake