Sept. 9, 2012: Our readers write

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District drops the ball

In response to Chuck Jones’ column in the Sports section Thursday, Sept. 6, I want to respond to the Facebook picture of the outrageous conduct of 10 Central Hardin football players with three guns and a bat pretending to shoot an Elizabethtown football player, and the lack of appropriate response by the coach, principal and the apparent non response by Hardin County Schools Superintendent Nannette Johnston.

The News Enterprise should have put this story on the front page of the paper. I dare say 50 percent of their readers don’t even look at the Sports section. I know my mother doesn’t.

These football players in their school jerseys should have been banned from playing in any sport for the rest of the school year. They also should have been expelled from school for a significant period of time.

The lack of appropriate action by Central Hardin coaches, principal and Superintendent Johnston speaks volumes about what they consider important: Play ball and win at all costs.

These boys had on Central Hardin jerseys and pointed guns at a supposed Elizabethtown High School player. How in the world can this not qualify as school-related?

Shame on all Central Hardin High School coaches and administrators. What happened to zero tolerance and consequences for unacceptable behavior?

Clearly, you all lacked the moral and ethical courage to do the right thing.

Don Galvin