A servant's heart: Callie Clopton keeps her focus on others

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By Becca Owsley

Callie Clopton’s quiet resolve for serving and missions reveals a character noticed by others.

At her church, local charities and at home, the Magnolia homeschooled junior is mindful of the needs of others.

Machelle McDowell, the children’s and missions leader at South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville, said a picture of who Clopton is can be found in a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “A great man is always willing to be little.”

“Callie Clopton is always willing to do whatever is asked of her no matter how menial it may be,” McDowell said. “Her servant’s heart radiates through everything she does.”

McDowell has worked with Clopton in the church’s Awana program and vacation Bible school.

“I can always count on her to be the first one to step up and say, 'Sure, I can help you with that,'" she said.

Clopton, 16, can not only be found volunteering at church but with organizations such as Feeding America, Kentucky's Heartland, Clarity Solutions for Women and Habitat for Humanity.

“I really enjoy volunteer work and want to do a big mission trip some time,” Clopton said.

She studies Spanish as a part of her school work but hopes to use it a future mission opportunity.

“Maybe I’ll know it well enough not to be lost,” she said.

She’s been a part of camps that were a mix of individual faith building and doing things for others and really enjoyed it, she said.

“I feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do because it’s my passion and what I really like,” she said.

Along with Spanish, she is preparing herself spiritually by being a part of the youth group, paying close attention to sermons and attending Bible studies. She is currently doing a Bible study by Rick Warren titled “What on Earth am I Here For.”

Her dad, Trevor, said she’s talked about pursing counseling or missions as a future career.

“We always say that she has a servant’s heart,” he said. “She wants to go and do and help.”

He’s seen that in whatever she helps with she does anything that needs to be done, no matter the task.

“She jumps in, rolls up her sleeves and does it,” he said.

When he looks at her Facebook page, he sees she often requests prayers for a child she’s heard about with a disease or disability.

She puts the needs of others above her own and often counsels friends or connects them to someone who can help, he said.

Her concern for others continues at home.

“She is always helpful with her little brothers and wants to make sure they are taken care of,” he said.

Clopton said she hangs out with her brothers a lot and doesn’t know what it would be like to have a little sister into girly things.

“I really like having three brothers, they’re lots of fun,” she said.

Clopton is quiet but has lots to say, something she said people often misunderstand.

“Quiet people have a lot they may want to say and sometimes they know the answer to things but it’s hard for them to get out of their shell and say it,” she said. “All the shy people I meet don’t say a lot in person but they really have a great heart and a great personality if they can show it or if you get to know them. And that’s really nice to get that close with someone and be able to see that.”

Her pastor, Jonathan Carl, has been impressed with her maturity, compassion and concern for others who are suffering. Her maturity has shows when she has handled difficult situations and sought to help other teens in their personal struggles, he said. 

“Callie is a sweet, quiet young lady who is always looking for ways to help others and her church,” he said. “Her huge heart and love for others overflows from the love of Christ within her.

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Getting to Know Callie Clopton:
Pets: Bella, an English Mastiff, and Ginger, a Shih Tzu
Music: Whatever she listens to, she likes for it to have meaning and to connect with the song
Book: “The Purpose Driven Life”
TV: She doesn’t watch a lot of television but likes old westerns like “Bonanza” and “Gunsmoke”
Bible verse: Romans 3:23
Church: South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville
School Subject: Math
Hobbies: Piano