Share your favorite memories about local high school football ...

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Ben Sheroan
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Let's start a discussion of games from the field, the lockers, the sidelines and the bleachers ...

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high school football

I've been attending Etown High School since I was 2, even as a little person I was aware of "Panther Pride", it was something in the air, (hopefully this will appear again in the near future) but regardless of the weather, there was always a pack stadium !!! and I when I got older and went to high school, I couldn't wait to recieve my first "homecoming mum". kinda of sad they don't do that anymore. I was lucky enough to watch teams of the late 60's, 70's, and early 80's, when Gary Inman,Ernie Lewis, Big Chuckie Ratliff, Mousey Johnson, my husband Jackie Dupin, Richard Thomas, Pat Donnelly, Tommy Kerrick, Joe Long, Jon Groseclose, David Tozocko, John Logsdon,the Haire brothers, the Welch brothers as well as Carl Williams, Norman Cleaver, Steve Johnson. Maybe these new Panthers need to meet some of these old Panthers, there's no Panther like an old Panther!! Carol Sanders Dupin, EHS 1976

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Football Memories

For me it has to be the Unbeaten Panthers of 1957. I believe the last
E-town High School unbeaten season was 1957. I was lucky to play on this
team. I was a small part of something I consider great. 1957, first
year for a great Head Coach, Bill Hogg. E-town was ranked as one of the
top teams in Ky all year and we beat Shelbyville in "The Burley Bowl"
at Shelbyville for what was considered the State Championship. This
was before the playoff system in place today. Thanks for the memories!

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The last undefeated and only

The last undefeated and only state championship for E-town football was in 1969. They had Ernie Lewis, Doug Sexton, Tommy Welch, and Richard Thomas to name a few. I am sure the 1957 team was great too, but the 69' team has the state championship.