Sheeran named Outstanding Administrator in field

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HCS early childhood director has held post since 2007

By Kelly Cantrall

After watching her department receive recognition recently, Carlena Sheeran received her own early childhood accolade.

Sheeran, early childhood director at Hardin County Schools since 2007, has been named Outstanding Administrator of the Year by the Kentucky Association for Early Childhood Education.

The award was presented to Sheeran at a conference held by the association earlier this month, without her knowledge she was nominated by some of her colleagues.

A group of coworkers submitted information about her work in the district, and several letters of support from members of the district, including Superintendent Nannette Johnston.

Some of the recent work in the early childhood department includes five preschool classrooms being named Classrooms of Excellence by the Kentucky Department of Education, out of 30 total in the state.

Sheeran learned a couple weeks before the conference she was selected as the award recipient.

“I mean, I was very honored,” she said.

Sheeran insisted this was a recognition for the department as a whole, as she said she has a strong staff around her to make her work easier.

“It really should say team of the year,” she said of the award.

Sheeran said she’s pleased to see the importance of early childhood education being recognized in general. Receiving an award for work she loves to do that involves helping children is a plus.

“It’s a blessing any time your department gets recognized,” she said.

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