Soup kitchen a blessing

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Editorial: July 23, 2013

TOPIC: The Lord's Supper aoup kitchen
OUR VIEW: Hamiltons' work comes from the heart

“It will be a very sad thing to live this whole life out, get to your death, turn around and look back and say you have never done anything for anybody.’’ “Do Unto Others” Luke 6:31

Terriance and Joyce Hamilton have a deep-rooted passion to help people in need. What a refreshing character trait that is.

The Elizabethtown couple is venturing into a new world by opening The Lord’s Supper soup kitchen at 728 Knox Blvd. in Radcliff. They are doing this in addition to their full-time jobs at Fort Knox, Terriance in the U.S. Army and Joyce working with the post’s Wounded Warriors program. She retired from the U.S. Army.

Beginning at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 5, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the couple will follow their calling: Serving those in need with food and spiritual guidance.

It is quite an undertaking in many ways, from finding a suitable location to financing to drawing others into their serving world. And to think the idea to go forward with this effort only started in early May, there has been an immense amount of work to get the facility ready to serve.

There have been expenses, too.

While there have been contributions, there also have been out-of-pocket expenses for the Hamiltons.

Serving a meal three times a week is an undertaking the pair hopes leads to much more for those who walk through the door. Their goal is to be able to direct people onto a better path in life, whether it be seeking educational opportunities or job training skills.

And it won’t be a food service line. Those who walk through the door in need of a hot meal will sit at a table and be served. The Hamiltons and their volunteers want everyone to be treated decently and with respect. This is just one way to do that.

What the Hamiltons are doing is impressive.

We can only hope the soup kitchen is as well received and well regarded as Warm Blessings is in Elizabethtown by serving a vital need to those who need assistance.

Soon both ends of the county will have a place to find a warm meal when needed on most days. As a community, we are fortunate to have people like the Hamiltons and many others willing to take on challenges like this one.

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