Speakers with Spark: A new start in 2012

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Resolutions are made every year and holiday traditions are abound, 12 days of Christmas is one of them. With these two ideas, let’s think about 12 months of resolutions. By breaking it down, it may be easier to keep those all too important resolutions. 

January — Abolish the word hate. If you want to improve your disposition abolishing the word hate will help. Watch the number of times hate enters your vocabulary and find a better feeling word. I guarantee your disposition will change instantly.

February — It is what it is. Adopt this new saying. The past is exactly that and unless you have discovered a time machine, you can’t change it. Don’t let things you can’t do anything about — the past — bother you. For instance, a secretary worried for a week about an email she sent out for her boss that had a misspelled word in it. What a waste of time and energy. You can’t change the past, it’s over, let it go and start living life to the fullest.

March — Clean the clutter. Cleaning clutter is a good therapeutic experience and what better time than March to clear it away. Organize your desk, office, closet and house. Imagine how good you’ll feel in your new, neatly organized space. Clear the clutter in your mind. Negative thoughts and feelings do nothing but give you disease so clear it away and start feeling better today.

April — Unconditional acceptance. People think, feel and act differently. That’s what makes the world an interesting and wonderful place. Accept that you are who you are and other people have a right to think, feel, and worship differently. Accept and appreciate those differences, for without them the world would be a boring place.

May — Celebrate. Celebrate life. Celebrate the birds singing in the morning, the mail carrier, mechanics who fix our cars, beauticians who often are magicians, coaches giving countless unpaid hours for children, nurses and doctors dedicating their lives to sick people, garbage men and women. You get the idea. Celebrate the simple things, the little things making our lives easier, fun and joyful.

June — Appreciate the small things. Appreciate all kindness, all service people, all trials and tribulations because without them we don’t grow. Find yourself smiling more, feeling better, loving more and having a more contented life. When the Twin Towers went down on that infamous September morning, people were for a short time looking at their neighbors, friends and total strangers in a different way. America was pulling together, comforting, caring, appreciating each and every one. Appreciate and find a positive in every negative, it’s a good game to play and you’ll find that it’s not too hard to find good things happening out of bad.

July — Give back. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Celebrate Christmas in July this year and focus on giving back, paying it forward.  Remember the old adage says “the more you give, the more you get.” Helping others will help you in ways you never before thought possible.

August — Take a deep breath. Focus on you this month and take lots of deep breaths. Relax. Every time you feel yourself getting a little stressed, annoyed, angry, frustrated or tired, stop. Take three very deep, long breaths, think a happy thought and then smile. Isn’t it amazing how good you feel when you smile? Practice smiling more every day. 

September — Give peace a chance. Bury your differences with people, loved ones, work associates and family. Bury the past, it is the past, quit bringing it up, let it go. If it helps, literally bury a shoe box. Pretend you are putting all your differences, anger, hate, all your negative thoughts about others, businesses, associations, schools, etc. and box it up, bury it in your back yard. Whew, it’s gone.

October — Attitude of gratitude. There is no better way to start your feel good feeling than to have gratitude for your blessings. Be grateful for our eyes to see the world wonders, our ears to hear sweet whispers and the birds singing, the car that transports us so we don’t have to walk, our legs that allow us to walk. Appreciate all  you have for that is a gift in and of itself.

November — Joy. Find the joy in everyday things. November is a wonderful month to focus on the joy in your life. Joy in family events, in holiday preparations and in the spirit of the holidays. With the holidays approaching, do things because you want to, not because you have to, and do them with joy.

December — Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Holidays can be stressful, sad and depressing. Examine the cause of stress and resolve not to let that something, person or event steal your joy. Say no to events that steal your joy.

Wishing you many happy days in 2012.

Susan Rider is Speakers With Spark’s Lead Dynamo. She lives in Upton.