Speakers with Spark: Sending love

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December is a wonderful month full of festivities and Christmas cheer. It’s a month when the kindness of many shines bright.

I’m going to let you in on an innovative idea for a new product. It’s an invention that will help the spirit of Christmas last all year long. It probably would be the hottest item of the Black Friday sales, but it’s not complete. Maybe it will be next year.

Think about the wrist controls on Buzz Lightyear in the movie “Toy Story.” He sends out a laser beam by pressing a button on his wrist. This new item is similar, like a fashionable watch, but it has a heart-shaped button at the center. When pressed, this button sends out love to the intended recipient. Imagine what we could do with this invention.

When you see a homeless person, just point the device and press the button. Love is sent his or her way. Think about all the people who need love this time of year and all year long. Foster children and senior citizens come to mind, but there are a lot of people who struggle in their own internal pain.

Standing next to a charming lady recently, we started chatting about sodas and I mentioned avoiding them since I’m not sure how healthy they are.

“That’s OK,” she said. “I’m ready to go to the funeral home anyway.”
When I realized she was serious, I disclaimed. You have so much to live for. The day is filled with beautiful surprises from mother nature — sunrises, sunsets, beautiful snow falls to name a few — and there is so much need in the world.

This beautiful soul lost her husband three years prior and has since lost her will to live.

There are a lot of people holding invisible pain inside.

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk around sending love to all those who grieve for a loved one or someone who is carrying invisible internal pain, giving them comfort for a time? What a fabulous gift that would be.

Sitting on a bench at the mall, you could send love to a young mother with four little children or to an elderly person barely getting around. In appreciation of all the bell ringers who volunteer their time to help the unfortunate, press the button and send them that love.

Send out love to those suffering with obesity. It’s easy to understand their pain if you have ever tried to lose a few pounds. Many give up on their trim bodies because of the depression of slow progress. Many people look at those who are obese in disgust, but until you have walked in their shoes, judgment is better spared. Definitely a little love needed there.

Sending love to all those addicted to drugs, alcohol and other things could give some a new start and the courage to fight back and overcome addiction. When someone you love has an addiction, it’s hard to know what to do and how to help. The first thing is to seek advice and then send them love.

Just imagine the world if we could send love to patients in hospitals, foster homes, orphanages, high-crime areas, war zones; the list is endless. And we’d send love to all the troops and their families celebrating holidays without them, with constant worry and hope their loved ones return unharmed.

While you are at it, maybe we also could have an appreciation wristlet. Because everyone who fights for our freedom deserves extra special appreciation this time of year.

Lastly, send out love to everyone working during this beautiful holiday season: the police officers who keep us safe, the gas station worker who fills your tank so you can visit your loved ones, the hospital employees who assist the sick, firefighters, EMTs, the workers at soup kitchens and homeless shelters and all who are committed to the good of mankind.

Here’s the surprise. I’m willing to let go of all rights, patents and plans for this life-changing love wristlet. Feel free to steal the idea and send love to anyone and everyone you meet this wonderful holiday season.

Oh, wait. We don’t really have to wait for this invention to send love. In fact, love is being sent to you. May you have a year full of bright beginnings, love, peace, joy and good health.

Susan Rider is a life coach and member of Speakers with Spark who lives in LaRue County and can be reached with reader comments at susanrider@msn.com.