Speakers with Spark: Warming winter thoughts

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January is a month for new beginnings, a month full of promise as spring is just around a couple corners.

Resolutions can be a fad or tradition of old, and many resolutions fade quickly. This year, you might want to start something new: yearlong warming thoughts. Here are some suggestions for each month of the New Year.

January: Every morning this month when you wake, smile really big and say “thank you.” After all, you did wake up. It’s a new day with a new journey for you to explore. The past now is in the distant memory banks and this is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it fun and joyful.

February: Every day, pay a kindness forward. Bring donuts to the office, spend time with someone who is shut-in, give a mother of toddlers a much needed break, carry someone’s groceries to their car, the possibilities are endless. Be creative and try to give from your heart instead of your bank account.

March: Watch as many sunrises and sunsets as possible. Spend time in gratitude for the beauty and glory of Mother Nature.

April: Spring will be blooming all around; hopefully your heart will be, too.  Just as a gardener weeds and fertilizes the garden, you must work on you, too. Give yourself some attention every day in April. Start a new ritual of three deep breaths and two minutes of silence every morning or take long walks in your yard or at the park. Breathe in.

May: Every morning in May, look into the mirror. Say to yourself, “I am one of a kind; I am unique in this world. No one is quite like me. I will enjoy this day.”

June: Be happy. The first step to being happy is to know what makes you happy. Write a list of what makes you happy and try to experience one of these every day during June.

July: The patriotic month. Each day, give appreciation for our freedom and the young men and women who support our freedom. Give appreciation for the wisdom of our leaders, our country, our national and state parks and the hope of peace and joy for all.

August: Let’s make this the education month as teachers and students prepare for school. Focus on learning something every day and keeping your mind sharp.

September: Saying goodbye to summer and awaiting the beauty of fall leaves reminds us of the seasons of life. Life is a gift and we never know when it will be cut short. It is precious and all too often we are reminded how precious when we lose a loved one. Every day of September, remember a different loved one, make it their day. Call the special person in your life and declare it their day by telling them how much you care.

October: The colors are changing all around this month, which reminds us of the diversity of life. Every day this month contemplate how your life has changed and give appreciation for the changes that bring you joy.

November: The month of thanksgiving. We usually give thanks for the people, things and blessings around us. In 2014, give thanks every day for something different about you. Your talent, your eyesight, your hearing, your health, your intuition, blessings abound!

December: It’s the month of joy, peace and love. But not for everyone. Do something special for people you know or strangers who are experiencing a difficult time in finding the joy of this wonderful season. Make a list all yearlong and see if you can play secret Santa every day in December. Someone who has lost a loved one, someone who has experienced a house fire, lost job, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy the gift of giving.

As we prepare to enjoy the freeze of winter, let’s remember those who suffer the bitter elements to make our life more pleasant.

The electric company linemen come to mind. The ice storms don’t seem so bad in the comfort of your home cuddled by the fire. But what if you have to climb a pole and work in the middle of the storm? Tell them how much you appreciate them.

Our first responders, firemen, police, emergency vehicle technicians and hospital employees all go beyond the call of duty during the cold months.

And let’s not forget our farmers who provide our food every day. Farmers’ jobs don’t stop for bad weather. No one calls off the day for you. Animals still need to be fed, cows still need to be milked, animal babies still are born. Thank a farmer today for the food you enjoy.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Susan Rider is a life coach and member of Speakers with Spark who lives in LaRue County and can be reached with reader comments at susanrider@msn.com.