Spirit of giving knows no season

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Editorial: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Warmer weather and sunnier days sometimes overshadow the needs of those around us. Unfortunately for some, worries of basic necessities such as food, health or quality of life prevail.
While scheduling time and money to do those things we enjoy, we also should remain cognizant of the year-round struggles our neighbors may be facing.
When we give a just little time and money it can go a long way with a local service agency. These agencies fine tune the processes they use to distribute resources of volunteer hours and financial contributions to maximize the impact. By working together, volunteers help these donations reach farther than we can as individuals.
The Community Health Clinic is one example of a sometimes overlooked gem.
This agency provides medical care including prescriptions to the working, low-income families in our community. Very often, residents of Hardin and LaRue counties who fall between the safety net provided by government benefits and private party insurance receive health care because of the time donated by medical professionals and caring neighbors as volunteers at the clinic’s office in Elizabethtown. This service exists because of those who give their time to make to happen.  
Programs such as North Hardin HOPE, Helping Hand and Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland know the needs of hungry families. Hunger does not recognize the calendar. These organizations stretch donated money through bulk food purchasing and mass distribution channels across the region. Donated food and money coupled with hours and hours of volunteer time sorting, packing and distributing make this large undertaking possible.  
In addition to meeting physical needs, organizations give comfort during the most uncomfortable times in the life of a person and their family. Hosparus, which held its annual fundraising tea and auction benefit recently to help offset costs of providing bereavement, pediatric and hospice care services. Hosparus is successful because of those who give of themselves everyday even when it is difficult.
These are only a few of the organizations we are very fortunate have in this community. With a plethora of giving opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around us the challenge may just be to keep these top of mind and donate our time, talents and money throughout the year.
We never should let the season of giving end. Continue to ensure a steady stream of resources are poured into those agencies and organizations that are there for the poor day in and day out.