Spring cleanup set for April

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Elizabethtown, Radcliff collecting limbs, appliances, debris

By Marty Finley

If your home is in need of a purge and you are having trouble disposing of discarded junk or old appliances, Elizabethtown and Radcliff have a solution.

The Elizabethtown Department of Public Works will be collecting junk and debris starting April 1, performing sweeps around the city to rid homeowners of clutter.

Public Works will perform strategic runs through the city for debris based on a schedule of five areas from April 1-18. Area one is the starting point for residents west of Dixie Avenue and north of St. John Road while area two is west of Dixie Avenue, south of St. John Road and north of the CSX Railroad.

Area three falls east of Dixie Avenue and north of North Miles Street while area four is north of Dixie Avenue, east of North Miles and west of the CSX Railroad.

Area five concludes with residences south of the CSX Railroad.

“Depending on how much debris is out for pick up will determine when crews move to the next area,” the city said in its cleanup schedule. “Crews will return to each area as often as they are able to within the month of April.”

Residents are asked to set their junk and debris in a safe area near the street where it will not interfere with traffic flow. Bulkier items should be arranged for easy collection by equipment, and all junk and debris should be clear of overhead power lines, according to the city.

Participants in the program are discouraged from mixing large items with small, or bagged, items, and loose items should be stored in clear plastic bags no heavier than 50 pounds. Neither cardboard boxes nor garbage cans should be used.

Plastic bags are available for purchase at the Department of Public Works, 301 Waterworks Drive, or at Pritchard Community Center. Residents can purchase up to 25 bags for $3 or spend $27 for a case of 250 bags, according to the city.

Items prohibited for pickup include trash, hazardous materials, liquids, construction debris, tires and vehicles.

From April 21-30, the city will conduct pickup for items such as dehumidifiers, washing machines, dryers, ranges and water heaters. Appliances will be recycled, according to the city.

Appliances containing Freon, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, must be drained and noted with a tag on the appliance showing Freon has been removed.

According to the city, appliances will only be accepted on a call-in basis at 270-765-6121, Ext. 230. Limited brush pick-up is expected during the month, too.

Radcliff, meanwhile, is conducting limb pickup in April. Residents should compile their limbs along the street by April 5 as crews make a sweep of the city, City Clerk Ashley Russo said.

Starting April 1, the city is collecting items, such as appliances, metal items, paint, oil and tires, as part of its cleanup on a call-in basis, Russo said. Those interested in having items removed should call Radcliff Public Works at 270-351-8150 to arrange pickup.

Freon must be removed from appliances and tagged by a technician while used motor oil should be placed in sealed containers.

Items that will not be accepted include propane containers/bottles, spray paint cans, toxic materials, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, gasoline, diesel, paint thinner, pipe cleaners or any other chemical cleaning compounds. Construction materials also are not permitted.

Marty Finley can be reached at 270-505-1762 or mfinley@thenewsenterprise.com.