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March 3, 2013


Betty Pullen, 862-4844

Hello friends. I am sorry I did not have a column for you last Sunday, but my computer went nuts. I hope everyone is staying warm this week. I know it sure is cold and windy again this week.

APPRECIATION. My sister, Susie, appreciates everyone for all the cards, phone calls and most of all your prayers. Susie wants her children, Marcia and Charlie, to know she was glad they were there for her. She appreciates Alice Cramer, Frances Cook, Pat Peters, David Peters and Uldine “Sam” Coogle and their children for their help during this time. Susie is doing much better but still has a little ways to go, but with your prayers and God hearing them things will be just fine.

GET-WELL WISHES. Judy Carter is home and is doing much better.

May I ask all of you good people to please keep Robert and Delores Pence in your prayers.

SYMPATHY. Please keep the Keith Richerson family in your prayers. I know he will be greatly missed by his wife and children and all who new him.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. On Feb. 16, Melinda Appleby had her husband, Westly, a birthday party at the Baymont Inn in Elizabethtown. There were a lot of people who came out to say happy birthday. A special lady showed up, “Hot Momma.” She is so funny and everyone loves her and the laughs she brings are so great.

TOURNAMENT WINNER. My granddaughter, Jenna Burba, plays on the basketball team at Lakewood and in her age group her team won the tournament. Way to go Jenna and your teammates.

SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. If you have a special event, birthday or news you want to share, please call me 862-4844 or email littlebus86@yahoo.com.