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April 7, 2013

Hello to all. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I know I had a good time with my family. My daughter Jennifer cooked dinner and Alex, Brittany and I went to her home and enjoyed the day with her, Jeremy, Breanna and Jenna. As always the food was delicious.

GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well prayers are going out to Louise Peters, Mitchell Grimes, Susie Witten, Alex Pullen, May Fern Ford, Raymond Johnson, Steve Pickrell and all others that I may not know about. If you have a loved one or friend that sick please let me know I will be glad to add them  to the list.

SYMPATHY. Sympathy to the family of Lois Goodman. I know Rickey will miss her greatly and so will her family. Lois always was so friendly to me and would tell me how much she thought of my dad and mom. All of her family were good to my dad and that means a lot to me to know people still remember him with good thoughts. I know Etta and Jeanette will miss her. May God bless all of you with this loss.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday to Sue Knapp, Keith Taul, Billy Staples, Dewight Morgan and Paul Dudgeon.

COMMUNITY NEWS. The Stephensburg community will have a second meeting at 7 p.m., April 11, at the old school house building to see if there will be Stephensburg Days. Please come out to show your support. We would love all the help we can get.

SUBMITTING NEWS. If you have any news, birthday’s or special events to share, call 862-4844 or mail littlebus86@yahool.com.