Take time to consider your life's impact upon others

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12 Views of Christmas: Guest column by Darin Williams

With the birth of Jesus Christ, we are reminded of the potential of every human being and then in a few short months we see the sacrifice of his life for the forgiveness of our sins. I believe the Lord intended this short time frame between these monumental events as a reminder of just how short life on earth is for us. 

As we go through the stages of life, we celebrate each Christmas starting with a new baby being born into our extended families. What a joy they bring to each person as they imagine the potential of this new perfect little being. Then we see this group of babies grow up, complete their education, start their lives as adults and we hope they have a better life than the generation before them.

Their success means more to us than our own and their struggles concern us more than any issue we ever face. 

As we enter the next stage, we see the older generation start to pass away. Each Christmas we wonder who will not be with us the next year and we remember those that are not with us that year. Once you lose someone you truly love your life changes forever and your understanding of life begins.  

As I see much of the world in turmoil, I believe we have lost the focus on the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We seem to forget the many lives that have been lost to defend this great country, the hard work those that came before us performed day in and day out, the sacrifices our ancestors made for us to have a better life and the simple importance of just “being nice” to one another. 

Please take this Christmas to look at your life and ask yourself “if I died today, have I helped anyone have a better life, have I treated everyone the way I want to be treated, have I made the world a better place, would my ancestors be proud of my work ethic and would anyone care that I was gone?”

If so, great. If not, use this year to make positive changes in your life, which will make changes in the lives of others. There is no greater compliment to your life than knowing you helped change people’s lives for the better.

Give thanks for your many blessings, thank a veteran that you have the opportunity to achieve your dreams, thank a teacher, a coach, a friend, a parent, a family member or others that made sacrifices so you could have a better life as next Christmas they might not be there. By all means, tell those that you love how much they mean to you, as once again, we never know when we have seen someone for the last time in this life, but if you believe in Jesus Christ you will see them again one day.     

May God bless you, your family and this great country this Christmas.

Darin Williams of LaRue County is site operations manager at Dow Corning in Elizabethtown.