Thanks to those helping others

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Editorial: March 19, 2013

ISSUE: Seeing a need
OUR VIEW: Hardin County responds

When there’s an obvious need, Hardin Countians step forward.

Take, for example, the community baby shower scheduled Wednesday at Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown.

Folks working at family resource centers in the county and city school districts are familiar with the number of young parents without financial means to provide essentials for their even younger children. Organizing an event to collect items from the community aims to address the issue and reduce stress on families.

The shower benefits expectant parents and parents of children younger than 1. It takes place 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Donations can range from diapers, baby shampoo and bibs to strollers, car seats and cribs. The only limit is on your ability to give and the size of your generous heart.

And it’s not just a collection of freebies, the program is educational. New parents also can learn about a multitude of resources available in the community for them and their children.

The shower is a vivid example of this community’s compassion at work. There’s still time for you to be involved this year.

EMPLOYMENT ISSUE. The community also recognized a need among returning military men and women. That resulted in the recent Hire a Patriot job fair.

Conducted for the second year, the event gathered 40 employers interested in the abilities, discipline and desire for excellence taught by the armed services. In today’s tight economy, those completing military service are struggling to find work. The crowd of applicants who arrived at the American Legion Post with hopeful anticipation illustrates that need.

All employers and potential employees should applaud the efforts of organizers and volunteers who created this first-class event.

SCOUT GIVING. Youth programs don’t get done without money and Boy Scouts in the Lincoln Trail District of the Lincoln Heritage Council owe a debt a gratitude to the community for reaching a $55,000 goal. In particular, those thanks should be directed to Bill Barron.

A former Eagle Scout himself, Barron is the strong arm behind the friendly fundraising that goes on at the Distinguished Citizens Dinner, which was at the center of the fund drive.

Many volunteers put together and coordinate details of the event and their work should be acknowledged, too. Barron often is the first to praise the participation and accomplishments of others.

But don’t be fooled. He’s the man who’s getting the money in place to conduct programs and events aimed at improving boys through scouting. He deserves this salute.

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