There's a day to celebrate everything, even for geeks

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By Becca Owsley

Yes, Virginia, nerds have holidays. One of the biggest holidays happened over the weekend.

It started in a galaxy far, far away and continued with fans on Earth who have affection for “Star Wars.”

May the 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars day, has become a geeky holiday for many fans. It takes place on May the 4th as a play on the mantra “May the Force be with you.”

So what do fans do on May the 4th — nothing really. In big cities, there often are gatherings but mostly it’s an Internet phenomenon where other fans simply wish each other “May the 4th be with you.”

But this year, there was great expectation on Star Wars Day. Last week, director J.J. Abrams announced the cast list for the upcoming Star Wars film, “Episode VII.” The geek world was abuzz.

For those who may not understand, this excitement comes with a nervous undertone. Fans still are gleeful about the original three movies, Episodes IV through VI. But the three prequel movies, Episodes I-III, still are a great disturbance in the Force. Very few fans liked the prequels and have a slight fear  the new Star Wars film will have the same fate.

Abrams has promised these films will be better and won’t make the same mistakes as the prequels. We have to wait until December 2015 to see if the Force truly is strong with this one.

Regardless, if we disliked the prequels or are waiting with nervous excitement for the new films, fans celebrated Star Wars Day with glad geekiness.

For non-fans, you probably didn’t notice any difference. You possibly saw posts on your Facebook page and ignored them the same way you ignore all of nerdville’s posts. But that’s OK. We had fun flooding your timeline with posts about Jedi and the like.

In case you are wondering, there are a few other nerd holidays. One is Tolkien Reading Day on March 25 to celebrate the fall of Sauron in “The Lord of the Rings.”

And we all look forward to Oct. 21, 2015, when we finally will see if the hoverboards promised in “Back to the Future II” will be real.

There’s also Pi Day on March 14. That’s kind of a math-nerd thing.

“Doctor Who” fans celebrate Fish Fingers and Custard Day on April 3.

And don’t forget Free Comic Book Day, which was Saturday.

You get the picture. There are a lot of nerds out there celebrating a lot of random things.

It’s not really anything anyone takes very seriously and is just a way to have a bit of fun. So, join in. We promise we won’t make you wear a costume.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1741 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.